What Is This Thing?

Is the pumpkin scary?


or a Bongo Drum?

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Happy Halloween

Lu's first holiday was supposed to be her due date. Can you imagine this chunk inside of Lins?

Our pumpkin this year was a stork bringing home a baby, can you see it?

Why shouldn't a 7 day old baby have 2 halloween outfits?

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Eyes To Kill For

How did we ever get along with out a little of this in our lives?

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A Little Family Time with Lu

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Bloggin' and Bathin'

Lucy's first bath was pretty uneventful, just a lot of crying a little present to clean up when it was all said and done.

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Lu's First Walk

We just had to take her out on this beautiful fall day. Lucy has learned her dad's wink already, now just has to learn to love the outdoors like both her parents. We think she is off to a great start.

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Friends Come to Visit

Lucy getting to know the Hunt's and the Jordan's.

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Welcome Home Lucy!

She did great in the car, loved the tour by Lins, and promptly feel asleep.

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Evening, Day 3

Good Night Lu

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Lucy's New Neighbors

Lucy with Kathryn, who, though a good friend, is NOT her namesake. Sorry to break it to you Kathryn.

...and her husband. If she can sleep through this, she can sleep through anything.

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...and more friends.

Lucy and Mary Beth

Lucy and Shannon

Lucy and the Wynn's (don't worry guys, babies aren't contagious)

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Lucy Day 3

The Faces of a Baby

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