"Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places"

The South Carolina state motto seems to come to mind often in the presence of Lucy.

She loves her new toy and pulls on it all the time.

Sometimes she is just too good to be true.


Lucy's friend Owen Purdy came over to play the other night and the kids had a blast together, for about 4 minutes.

Lucy loved the attention of an older man, but don't worry Owen got an earful before it was all said and done.

And this is the shot that ended the fun, for some reason babies don't like it when they're poked in the eye.

Lucy and the Tube

Some people have their kids watch "educational" programs, or some weird "baby einstein" stuff, but not us. In her first TV watching with Dad, Lucy was introduced to two great American institutions: Batman and Sports Center. What's more important, shapes and colors, or the greatest super hero ever and the most influential sports program in the last 25 years?

Now in case you are wondering, we do know that Lucy is girl, and Lins makes sure she gets her daily dose of the Today Show. We just can't help it that she prefers Batman to Meredith Viera

A binky, a saucer, and Sports Center, life just doesn't get any better.

Emperors New Clothes

Lucy, like any good free-spirited child, is much happier without clothes.

Someone tell the Michelin Man to watch his back!

Another Step

So this saucer thing is way too big and a little dated, but Lucy loves it all the same.

I am learning how to suck my finger

Here you can see Lucy beginning to explore her hands. She still doesn't know quite what to do with it but it provides great comfort when her pacifier falls out.

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Lucy is pondering the world.

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I get to stay home with Daddy!

Me and Daddy stay home alone while Mommy is at work. Today we are bundling up because it is very cold outside.
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Blue Jeans

Me and Mommy love to wear our blue jeans.

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