Lucy and the 4 wheeler

This past weekend we traveled with some seminary friends to their country house. There we got to ride 4 wheelers, shoot skeet, and relax. Here are some pictures of the fun weekend.

Come on Dad lets go!

Now how does this thing work? I want to go fast!!

Bath Time

Lucy has finally taken to bath time and now she loves it! Last night she repeatedly tried to eat the wash cloth, so we have to shove other things in her mouth to distract. Here is some of the fun.

She looks a little bored here.

But now back to the fun!


And now I will eat my blanket.

A Day in the Life of Lucy

The classic finger chew.

Lovin' with Dad.

Playing with Mom's homemade ball.

Sitting with Mom.

Going on a walk in her new bonnet.


The past couple weeks Lucy has been taking everything straight to her mouth, and it is great fun to watch.

Here she is where her soccer ball.

We gave he a teathing ring and she is lovin it.

Chowing down.

Can't Pick Just One

Around the house, Lucy is known as Smiley McSmiles, and tonight she was working it for the camera. Lots of the same pose, but I just can't get enough of my two beautiful girls.

Open wide.

No teeth, just a glare from her copious drool.

Little farmer girl.


Rings Rings Rings!!!

This morning we collected all the rings in the house for play time. It made a huge chain and Lucy loved it!

Rice Cereal

Tonight we gave Lu her first dose of rice cereal, which is nothing more than tasteless mush on a spoon. It lasted all of 20 seconds as she wanted that spoon out ASAP. Here is the carnage...

Calm one second, crazy the next.

Rice cereal mustache.


Lu playing in the bed.

Some Family Favorites

Sock Monkey!

Sweet as can be.

Lu with her cousin Susanna.

A happy girl in black and white...

...and back to color.

Famous Lu

If you just can't get enough Lucy pics, check her out here and here. One blog just can't contain the love.

Friend Mia

Lucy got together with her old friend Mia last night, and boy have they grown since last time.

This is the only time they were both still all night.

Lucy was inspired by Mia's walking, she should be taking her first steps any day now!

Hanging Out With Cousin Caleb

Caleb and I had a great time playing together. He took great care of me in a new place and even showed me how things worked in the nursery there at Covenant. Thanks Caleb for everything I miss you already!

I am going to be a MK in Honduras