The New Adventure of Food

Lucy with her new sippy cup. She likes to play with it more than drink from it, but hey its a start.

Lucy has begun real food now. So far she has tried pears and sweet potato fresh from the farmers market.

6 Months Old and Changing Every Day

Lucy loves her bath time now. She loves splashing us and playing with her fun toys. We are looking forward to the pool this summer.

Here is Lucy practicing sitting up.

Check out these pants, are they cute or what?! Thanks Aunt KK.

Caleb's First Birthday

Caleb had 2 birthday cakes in one day. This is a picture of the first one.

Yeah presents!

Balloons are so much fun.

Here is the 2nd cake. As you can see Caleb has the whole thing down by now and he knows how to fully destroy his birthday cake.

We had fun this weekend celebrating with Caleb for his 1st birthday. Happy Birthday Caleb we love you!!!

Pictures in the Wildflowers at Wallden Pond

Trying to get pictures of both babies is quite a challange but here are some fun shots.

Happy Easter

Here are a few pictures of Lucy and her Easter Bonnet.

Easter Egg Hunt

As you can tell Lucy is not pleased in this picture. I think the wind was a little much for her that day.

The Walls have a big easter hunt every year. This year we celebrated the 24th Annual Easter Egg Hunt and despite the freezing weather and the wind we had a great time.


We got to spend some time this past weekend with a lot of our extended family.

Lucy really enjoyed seeing her Great Grandmother again.

Aunt KK

And of course Lucy and Caleb once again had a blast with each other. It is so fun to watch them interact more and more.

This was the first time Lucy got to meet her Great Aunt Hebe.

Pretty in Blue

We dressed Lucy up for church on Sunday and thought she looked very cute in this blue dress so we took a few photos. Thanks Kulps for letting us borrow your sweet smocked dresses!


Lucy finally grew into this awesome onesie, thanks Jackie!




Gannie and Mac

The McCanns, Sean's parents, came to visit this weekend and had some great time with Lucy.

Lucy loved having some extra hands to hold her, play with her, and change a diaper or two.