Where to Sleep

Here is Lucy after a jog fast asleep.

And in her crib wide awake.

Graduation Week

Here are some fun things I got to do the week of graduation:

Graduation picnic with our friends and families.

Hanging out with Aunt Curly, who I haven't gotten to see since Christmas!

Playing with my Cousin Caleb

Swiming with our friends at Camden

Daddy is Done with Seminary!

This past weekend Sean officially completed his seminary degree. We are so proud of all of his accomplishments these past few years.

Lucy and Brooks

Lucy hung out with her friend Brooks Ball last week and they had a blast playing together. Lucy had a great time interacting, laughing, and playing with him.

Pool Time

We decided today to venture out to the pool. It was a beautiful day but the water was very chilly. Lucy was not pleased with the cold water but we hung out on the side of the pool and got to visit with the Howells and Kulps.

Baths and Elephants

We should probably start a new blog just for Lucy's bathtime, but until then we will keep filling these posts with a wet, naked baby. Enjoy!

Here is Lu playing with Jumbo, the heroic mascot of Tufts University. Thank you Aunt Kaitlin (Tufts Alum).

Lucy on a Picnic

Here we are with Lucy in our "backyard," hanging out on a nice day.

More Lucy Shots

Here is Lucy at a picnic with all her friends. Lucy is the one on the left, if you couldn't tell.

Joe Cool with the shades.

Sweet sleeping girl.


Happy Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, Lucy wore a dress that was one of her mothers' and her grandmother (Neice) made. How special.

Fun Lucy Shots

You might not be able to tell because this picture is a little blurry but she is sleeping with her "bum" straight up in the air.

Having fun helping mommy with laundry.

This is Lucy's "silly" face.

Lucy now rubs her eyes when she gets really tired and it is very cute.

Sitting Up Like a Champ

Here we go Devils, you recognize this outfit Aunt Kait? Cute huh!

On The Move

Here are some shots capturing how much Lucy loves to be on the move now. No use putting the blanket down any more because she is quickly off of it.

She really looks like she is in crawl position here so I am sure it will be here any day.

To Sleep or Not To Sleep...

Lucy's latest challenge is her odd sleeping habits. Sometimes it seems like we spend half the day trying to keep her awake, and the other half trying to put her to sleep. But in it all she remains amazingly cute!

Here is Sean trying to keep her awake.

And here is Sean failing to keep her awake.

This time we finally got her down and she slept face down. Needless to say we checked on her constantly. I think she had a snorkel hidden in there somewhere!

The Steps of Solids

Step 1: Present a dime-sized blot of goo on the spoon.

Step 2: Convey said goo towards slightly opened mouth.

Step 3: Finish off goo to a suddenly attentive infant.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat.