Naked Baby

Lucy encountered a bit of a rash this evening, so to gain some much needed "air time" she stripped down and read some books.

If you are wondering, she has not been driving a convertable all day, but rather showing off her curls post-bath.

No rash can slow her down, she will get all the books off the shelf.

11 months old

I feel like every day Lucy reaches another milestone, she is just learning and growing so much. Some fun things that she now does is wave hello and goodbye to everyone on cue, clap her hands, blow kisses (well she has done it a few times at least), and recognize the words ball, kitty, bunny, dog, pato (her stuffed animal), and water.

She is also learning how to play independently. This is a tool workshop that we got for my nephew and in the meantime Lucy is loving it. Guys look out she is going to be quite the handy woman around the house so she makes for a great catch!

Lucy is not quite walking with her car but she loves pulling up on it.

She climbed almost all the way to the top of our stairs the other day.

She has been holding her own sippy cup for a while but this picture was too cute not to post.

Swinging at the Park

One of the things we love about our new home is that we have this great walking trail right behind us and we can walk for about 20 minutes and get to this fun park.

Lucy learned how to clap her hands while swinging. Here she is practicing.


One of Lucy's favorite activities right now is reading books. She loves to drag all of her books off her shelf and then begin to flip through each one.



Meet Pato

Pato ("duck" in Spanish) is Lucy's stuffed animal that we have put in her crib the past 2 months and carried with us all over the United States to help Lucy feel comfortable and adjust to sleeping in new and different places. This week Lucy has all of a sudden fallen in love with Pato. Every time we pick her up after her nap she is hugging and kissing Pato. Here are some cute photos we have gotten of her this week enjoying her new friend.

Fun Eating Dinner

Lucy is quite a handful at dinner these days. She really is getting the hang of picking up all of her food but in the process she ends up making a huge mess. We end up throwing her in the bathtub right after we eat just to clean her off. Lucy is a lot like her mother in that she loves carbs, cheese, and fruit and could live without meat and veggies.

Lucy is enjoying learning how to feed herself these days, so independent.

We are all worn out by the time it is over.

Caleb and Lucy

Lucy and Caleb interact more and more each time we get together so it is always a joy to watch. This labor day they wore their first matching outfits which were made by Katie.

Caleb started tackling with Uncle Mac and Lucy wanted in on the action.

This was Lucy's first kiss and can you believe it is with her cousin?!

Goodtimes with Grandparents

This past weekend we spent in Cashiers, NC visiting family. Lucy loved all the attention she got from everyone, especially Niece and Daddy Jim.