Christmas in Appling

Lucy has loved seeing her cousin this week. It is fun to have a playmate and it is great to teach Lucy the importance of sharing. However, one thing we don't want Lucy to share is her virus that she has had the past couple of days. Thankfully she seems to be much better today and her fever is a little lower so we are hoping that tomorrow will be a much better day.

Caleb found this pile of leaves and they had a great time playing together in it.

In honor of Lucy's first birthday the grandparents decided to plant her a tree. So here they are digging a hole to place it in, we look forward to seeing how it grows and blooms in years ahead.

Riding on Granddaddy's tractor. Tractor is now one of Lucy's favorite words.

Loving with Daddy Jim while opening her stocking- life couldn't get much better than that.

Aren't they cute in their matching outfits?!

Look at what Aunt KK made me for Christmas! Lucy loves her creative Aunt.

The family shot.

We have been blessed by our time with our families this Christmas season. Hope you too have had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas in Durham

We all had a wonderful week in Durham celebrating Christmas. Here are some great shots capturing the week.

Lucy got lots of love and attention from her grandparents. She loved waking up in the mornings and spending time with Gannie reading books, watching the squirrels, and playing with her toys.

Aunt Curly was a lot of fun. We hadn't seen her in a while so Lu had to show off all her new tricks- especially walking.

The swing was another big hit this time especially when the neighborhood dogs were out to watch.

The Christmas carousel was one of Lucy's favorite Christmas decorations, she loved watching the wise men, shepherds, and baby Jesus go round and round.

Lucy enjoyed playing with Gannie's sweater too.

Hooray for the stockings!

Family shot.

Lucy had to take a ride in her new sporty stroller on Christmas morning.

Opening gifts.

The gift wrap was one of her favorite toys of the morning.

Lucy crosses the ocean blue in her new huge world puzzle. This is what every missionary kid needs!

And last but not least you always have to have the Christmas melt down.

Our Family Christmas

Our family tradition is to have our own Christmas a few days before the actual Christmas since we are traveling and visiting with our own families on the actual holiday. On "Christmas Eve" we went out and looked at the lights. Although the pictures are a little fuzzy you can tell Lucy loved them.

Elmo was her all time favorite.

Lucy loved her stocking because she could easily pull everything out and see what was inside. She got some fake food to play with, an Elmo video, and some finger paints.

One of her gifts was a new Bible which she loved looking at the pictures.

And last but not least here we are all dressed up for church.

We look forward to having two more Christmas this week!

Random Pictures

Here are Sean and Lucy before a Duke game in Charlotte last week.

Lucy trying to stand in her new Christmas PJ's

Fun with Floats

Lately we have been busy packing our bags and going through all our belongings trying to get rid of the items we are not bringing with us to Honduras. All that to say we have stacks of things everywhere in our house. Lucy enjoys going through these stacks to see what she can find and on this particular day she found her swimming float. She loved playing with it and thought it was the greatest thing ever when Sean put her in it.

Bath time with Lu

Our night time ritual is one of our favorite things here at the McCann household. It is such a sweet time together with us as a family before Lucy goes to bed. Here are some fun bath time pictures we have taken over the past few weeks.

Please note the size of Lucy's stomach in this picture. As you can tell Lucy has become quite the eater these days- she has begun to eat so much that we think she is headed for another growth spurt.