The latest musings from Lu

I tried to capture on video the other day how much Lucy enjoys talking baths these days. So here is a random video of her in the bath tub talking about her friends at school (as you can tell Issac and Will are by far her favorite classmates), activities at school, saying her ABC's (A-G) and counting in Spanish and English. You might not be able to understand half the things she says and that is why I tried to interpret them for you by repeating after her.

Tico is a SHE!!

Well the wait is finally over, Tica is our second little girl.

This is Lindsey at 22 weeks pregnant. We are thrilled to welcome another little girl in our family and can't wait to meet this little one. Lucy has enjoyed saying the word "sister" and hopefully will understand the concept more and more as the time draws near.

(Amazingly, our blog has been around long enough for this to be our second announcement, here is the one of Cosmet (Lucy)

Preparing for Baby

While Gannie and Mac were here last week they bought Lucy this new baby changing table/bath tub/eating area to prepare for the arrival of Baby Tico. She loves it and it is very sweet to see her play with her babies and talk to them like we talk to her.

She enjoys preparing meals for the babies and feeding them. She even adds commentary when she feeds them saying "yum", "all done", "mas (more)"

The lower cabinet is one of Lucy's favorite features about this play area because she loves to open and close the doors.

Thank you again Gannie and Mac for my new toy, I love it and can't wait to be a helpful big sister!

More Vacation Pictures

No real story here, just more fun pictures of Sean's parents time here with us traveling in Costa Rica.

Lucy on Sean's back pointing at the monkeys at La Paz Waterfalls and Gardens.

Mac, Gannie, and Lindsey trying to stay dry in front of one of many waterfalls.

Lucy was fast asleep for most of the jungle trail and waterfalls.

Here we are overlooking an old volcanic crater at Poas Volcano.

Mac, Lucy, and Sean in front of one of many coffee fields.

This morning we headed out to the zoo, here is Gannie, Lucy, and Mac near the monkeys.

One final picture of Lu and her Gannie and Mac.

Gannie and Mac Come to Costa Rica

Gannie and Mac arrived last Thursday, June 5 and are staying until next Sunday, June 15th. We traveled this weekend north from San Jose about 2 hours to Volcano Poas. We got to see many beautiful sights of Costa Rica and we will post more pictures soon.

One very exciting thing about the arrival of Gannie and Mac was a great surplus of American goods we have missed, including Chick-fil-A biscuits which we enjoyed the next morning for breakfast.

This is a picture of Lucy showing Gannie how to race in our front porch. This is one of her favorite activities to do right now and she was thrilled to be able to share it with Gannie.

Gannie and Lucy have always enjoyed special bath times together so Lucy enjoyed showing how things work here in Costa Rica with her Rubermaid bathtub.

Dressed up in our Sunday best

We are slowly getting adjusted to church here, although it is still really hard for us to hear a sermon that is not in our "heart" language. At our church that we have been attending here we sing for an hour, have 30 minutes of prayer and announcements, and then have a hour sermon. It has been encouraging to see how we have grown in our Spanish by how much of the sermon we actually are able to understand. The hardest part about Sundays is that they are very draining, and not the typical day of rest we are used to. It is exhausting trying to pay attention for a hour of Spanish.

Here we are the past two Sunday's heading out to church. Check out Lucy's new bow, she actually wore it all the way through church, and if you know Lucy, that is quite an achievement! By the way we don't always coordinate our outfits with Lucys', it just so happened that way these past few weeks.