Quick Update on Our Girls

So these pictures are kind of random but the only recent ones we have of Lucy, apparently we haven't been doing very well with taking pictures. But I thought I would give a quick update on how the McCann ladies are doing.

Lucy is now 23 months old, I can't believe that we almost have a 2 year old. She has been battling a bad sickness and has also gotten 4 more teeth these past few weeks so she hasn't been the most behaved child lately but overall still a joy. It is really fun to watch her grow up and to be able to interact with her more and more as she understands and is able to communicate with us how she feels and what she needs.

Tica is now 35 weeks along and growing great. She seems to be more cooperative than Lucy and as of today still in the head down position (hooray!). The doctor seems to think she will come right on schedule, the end of October.

Gannie's Blanket

Gannie sent a package last week with Lucy's very own matching blanket for her baby dolls. As you can tell from the pictures Lucy is a big fan!

Now Pato (big duck) and Patito (mini duck) each have their own blanket.

Independence Day

This weekend is Independence Day here in Costa Rica. We have had a fun time joining in some of their celebrations and traditions for the holidays. On Sunday night all the local schools have parades where the children make a lantern (called a Farol) and march through the streets. Here is Lucy with her own Farol that we made at school.

These are the kids lining up for the parade all with their farols ready.

Then today (Monday) we went downtown to see some more parades. Lucy has been a little under the weather so unfortunately this parade wasn't all that entertaining for her.

Here are the woman in the typical Costa Rican dress getting ready for the parade to begin.

The two guys in this picture, Josh on the left and Andy in the middle, are our interns who flew in on Sunday afternoon for a month long intensive Spanish course before they go to Honduras. We are excited to have these guys here and apart of our team for this year.

Andy has a great skill which is making balloon animals which he used to entertain Lucy once she woke up from her "nap".

Here is a far away view of the parade and all the many people who were watching and joining in the celebration.

Creative Lucy

Lucy loves to color and play with playdough these days. Neice and DaBo brought down this huge coloring book and of course it is Elmo so Lucy asks us to color with her at least twice a day. (Please Note: There are a few people who do not want to know the name of our next child, if that is the case please do not zoom in on this picture or the next).

Look at that great technique, I think we have a artist in training.

This is Lucy's "cheese" face. And yes that is a football helmet in the background! We don't get many games and of course not the ones we would like (GA football) but Sean is very thankful to at least have some games to watch on the weekends.

Lucy Craziness

Lucy loves dressing herself every day and she especially loves accessories so a outfit like this isn't too uncommon.

Lucy really has enjoyed make believe play lately and on this particular day she made a bed for her baby with a shoe box. She had to try it out herself first though.

Swimming is another favorite activity of hers. We don't get to play in the pool too often because the weather is relatively cool, so on a warm Saturday it is a real treat for her.

Lucy has had a great first week of school. This trimester she has her same teacher Mrs. Gloria and a new teacher named Mrs. Stephanie. Her class size has increased from 5 kids last trimester to 14 this trimester! Most everyone in her class are younger so the teacher says she is a big helper and we think she is getting some great big sister experience.