Christmas Photos

Christmas was very exciting this year with 3 kids to celebrate with, especially since Caleb and Lucy were able to understand a little about the true meaning of Christmas.

Caleb and Lucy fell in love with a tea set and enjoyed having a tea party underneath the tree.

Every year for the grandkids birthday my parents plant a tree, this is one of Lucy's tree.

We enjoyed decorating cupcakes although I think more were eaten than decorated.

Caleb got this red wagon for Christmas and it was a big hit.

Lucy all dressed up in her fairy clothes which were a gift from Aunt KK and Uncle B.

Home for Christmas

Here are a few pictures from our first day in the states, Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful time reuniting with Lindsey's family.

Aunt KK got to meet Ellie for the first time and they both cried for the occasion.

Caleb and Lucy immediately fell in love with each other and were inseparable.

It is so sweet to see the cousins together.

The whole clan.

I will post more pictures soon of our Christmas morning. So far our time in the States has been wonderful. It is such a blessing to see everyone and be able to reconnect. We are so thankful to be able to celebrate this special Christmas season with family and friends.

USA Here We Come!

We are coming...Necy, Dabo, Gannie, Mac, KK, B, Caleb and Aunt Curley and we can't wait to see you and give you lots of kisses and hugs!!

We leave tomorrow evening and fly to Miami, FL and then Wednesday morning to Atlanta. I am personally a little nervous about going through customs with 2 children and 6 bags at 12:00 at night. Yikes! If you think about us pray for us tomorrow. This is perhaps going to be the busiest week of our lives because we are spending the night in 6 different places (including 4 different states) in one week. But we are thankful to be able to see family, be apart of a wedding of a college friend, visit our home church, see friends, have Ellie baptized, and oh yeah celebrate Christmas.

Family Fun Day

We only have 4 more days left in Costa Rica so we decided to rent a car and drive around some fun sites that we haven't gotten to see yet. It was so nice to experience the freedom of a car in our own neighborhood for a day.

Lucy loved riding in her car seat, we hope she still enjoys it when we get back to the States and she has to ride in it every day for lots of hours.

We started the day by going to a zoo.

It was mostly a bird zoo for endangered animals but there were also many reptiles, monkeys, and wild cats. You can see that Ellie really enjoyed her trip.

There is a huge crocodile in this cage but what they are looking at are the two iguanas outside the cage that are not apart of the zoo exhibit just out in the wild.

This was a cool pond filled with tons of turtles, ducks, and birds.

Our own little monkey.

After the zoo we went to a local mall that had a train to ride, a fun playground, and some new restaurants. We came home for nap time then afterwards Sean and Lucy went to get a pizza for dinner. After dinner we got a sitter for Lucy and then Sean and I headed to this neat restaurant up in the mountains for desert. We brought Ellie with us since she still is so unpredictable. And we enjoyed a nice night together looking out over all of San Jose.


Lots of smiles from the McCanns to make your day cheery!
Ellie has been smiling for a couple of weeks now but I have just now captured it on camera, we think her smile is beautiful and lights up the whole room. Lots of these pictures are just because Lucy loves to pose for the camera these days.

More Goodbyes and More Tears

Well Friday was Lucy's last day in daycare. It is funny because when we first got here in February I had such a bad attitude about putting Lucy in childcare every day for 6 hours. And although there were many days where it was hard, overall it was a incredible blessing for our whole family. Lucy was able to learn more social skills, learn a whole lot of Spanish than she would have never learned at home, and we were able to go to school full time without worrying about her or distracted from her. The Lord truly provided the greatest teachers for Lucy during this time. These ladies loved Lucy so much and took so much of a personal interest in her. Not a day goes by that Lucy doesn't talk about Ms. Gloria and Stephie. It was hard to say goodbye to these dear ladies, and it is even harder to watch Lucy say goodbye knowing she does not fully understand or comprehend what is happening. We trust the Lord to provide other woman like this, who show such interest and love in our children, in Honduras and for the rest of our future.

6 weeks old

Tomorrow Ellie will officially be 6 weeks old. Wow how time flies! We went to the doctor yesterday and she now weighs 10lb. 3oz. and she is 23 inches long (although I kind of doubt that is right because that means she would have grown 4 inches since birth). She is still doing really well and we are enjoying having a little more awake and alert time with her. She has a great smile which I will try to capture on camera soon. We are still not sleeping through the night but she is getting closer so I am hopeful that the time will come soon. Anyways I thought you would enjoy these pictures that a friend of ours took here, they are a preview of what our Christmas card will look like this year :)

The little berry on her blanket is a gift from Lucy which she found at the park and called a "pumpkin".

Lucy's first Christmas program

Last week Lucy had her first Christmas program. All the kids at school ages 0-5 had a part in the program. Lucy's class pretty much just sat there while a Spanish Christmas song played in the background. Lucy was expressionless throughout the whole thing but she was able to sit through the whole song without bursting into tears which is more than most of the other kids could do.

All the kids were wearing these red capes in the show.

Lucy got all dressed up in her Christmas outfit for the program and of course Ellie couldn't be left out.

Family Fun

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately.

Getting dinner ready is quite a challenge lately since this is Ellie's fussy time. Usually Lucy gets to watch Elmo while Sean takes care of Ellie and I cook. On this particular night all of them enjoyed watching Elmo together.

Lucy loves playing with her sister and even though Ellie does nothing but stare at her this doesn't keep her from talking to her and pretending she has a play mate.

Lucy and Daddy have had some real special bonding time now that I am spending more time with Ellie. It is fun to see them interact and Lucy loves riding on his shoulders while bouncing around the house.

Lucy is a awesome big sister and loves to give her sister her pacifier (even though Ellie really doesn't take a pacifier at this point).

Lucy loves pretending she is a ballerina. Gannie and Mac gave her the tutu for her birthday and when Gannie came down a few weeks ago she brought a book about a ballerina.


Okay so you might be wondering about the title of the blog. In Spanish to emphasize a mini something you add "ita" to any word. So the joke here is that both of our girls are little Seanitas (or little Sean). I have to agree that we have two beautiful girls both of whom have very similar features that seem to favor their dad. I found this picture of Lucy and thought the girls had similar expressions so I thought I would put them together to compare.