One Small Joy of Summer Teams

Baby food can not be found down here that does not include sugar, lots of dried fruit and nuts which are outrageously expensive here, and playdough for Lucy which is always a big hit, all brought down here by one of our teams.

Thank you Houston Lake Presbyterian Church in Warner Robins, GA and Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, GA!

Update on Life in Honduras

Our second team for the summer leaves tomorrow, it has been awesome having so many people here to help us minister and exhausting at the same time. Erin leaves on Friday so we are trying to enjoy our last few days with her. On Sunday we leave for Mexico City to renew our 90 day visas. And the following week we welcome another summer intern, Sarah! So that is our life in a nutshell. And oh yeah in the midst of it all we are in the midst of a great political struggle, but praise the Lord there has not been much affect here in La Ceiba.

Check out Lucy nursing her baby.

I will post a video soon but Ellie on the verge of crawling and she has also found her voice box and has become quite chatty lately.

Intern Erin

We are all enjoying having Erin around. She is a big help with the girls, a good companion to me, and a great encouragement to the team. She leaves in less than a week so we are trying to fit in all the last minute stuff we need to get done before she leaves. We will miss her when we are gone but I think we have convinced her to at least come back to visit some time.

Happy Tuesday

All smiles here, Daddy is coming home after being gone in the States for a week. We are excited about celebrating with him, Father's Day that we missed last Sunday, and his birthday tomorrow, it truly is a Happy Tuesday!

What we have been up to, other than potty training...

Not much to be honest, potty training has been lots of work. Not to mention Sean is in the USA doing recruiting and we have our first summer team here. So sorry for the lack of blogging and lack of pictures but here is a snap shot of our life:

Hanging out with Erin. She has been such a big help with the girls and also an encouragement for me.

Playing with our friend Liam. Liam came into town for a few days last week and will be here again next week and as always Lucy has enjoyed the companionship.

Spending time in Armenia. Erin being here has given us a lot more freedom to spend more days in Armenia getting to play with the kids, and visit with some families, it has been a joy to have this extra time to build relationships.

Dancing. There is always time for dancing in the McCann household.

Playing chap stick and doing what Ellie does best, chillin with her big sis and being cute.

Goodbye Diapers

Okay so we haven't officially said goodbye to diapers but we are working on it. For the past week we have tried every day to use the potty and at last today we had big success! Potty training has been an emotional roller coaster for us all but I have never felt so proud as seeing Lucy peeing in the potty.

(The duck tape on the diapers are because the humidity here is so high that the tabs on the diapers loose their stickiness so we have to duck tape them so that they will stay on her when she wears dresses- hilarious)

The River

There are several rivers here in La Ceiba, and there happens to be one just 5 minutes up the road from our house. We love going on hot days for a quick way to cool down.

Yes Ellie has a bathing suit but for all of you moms out there who have tried to put bathing suits on a child who can't stand know that it is no easy task, plus everyone in Honduras just swims in their clothes so this is our way of fitting in with the culture.

Lucy enjoying a snack break on the rocks.

And oh yeah I got my hair cut last week. It was getting too hot and so I decided to let my husband have a shot at cutting my hair. Its A LOT shorter than we had both planned but hey its pretty much even so I would say it was a success.

Lucy has finally become brave with her water wings and loves swimming with her friend Jude.

My mom friend, Amanda, and I always walk around town together with matching bjorns and laugh at ourselves- we finally got a picture of it!

There is a awesome rock that is probably about 12ft. high that we enjoy jumping off of.

Its nice to have our own tropical paradise just 5 minutes away!

Cooking for Summer teams

Erin, our summer intern, arrived on Saturday and since then we have been busy cooking for teams. In 2 days we cooked 16 casseroles! At one point we had 7 kids in our house running around and we still managed to get the food cooked. So all that to say Erin has been a great help and oh yeah the girls love her!


Here are some fun things that have come out of Lucy's mouth lately:

Lu: "Mommy can we see ______ (friend) today?"
Me: "No not today"
Lu: "Soonday mommy okay"


Lu: "Lets race to the tub... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11... run!"


Lu: "I am sweaty, I need to go off to the pool and cool off a little bit"


(Talking about a upcoming birthday party)
Me: "Lucy I think there is going to be a pinata"
Lu: "Remember Noah's pinata"
Me: "Yes, what was it?"
Lu: "It was a pirate, rrrrrr matey".... "I was scared and then I cried (fakes cry)"
Me: "Thats right but you aren't going to be scared at Susanna's party are you?"
Lu: "Yeah I will cry but its okay daddy will take care of me"


(Looking at one of the many mosquito bites on my leg)
Lu: "Whats that mommy?"
Me: "A boo-boo"
Lu: "I am sorry mommy (as she kisses it)" "Is it beeping?"
Me: "what?"
Lu: "Is it bleeping?"
Me: "No Lucy it is not bleeding"

There are so many more every day but unfortunately I don't write them down and therefore can not remember them. Here are some random sister pictures because a blog post isn't fun with out any photos in my opinion.

My Love

My sweet dear husband has spent the last 48 hours nursing both me and Lucy to health and taking care of a fussy 7 month old. Lucy and I have some kind of flu and it has hit us hard! I have had a high fever for 2 days now and have spent about 3 hours of each day not in bed. Lucy has been waking up at night throwing up. And Ellie is just Ellie right now except a little more cranky and oh yeah she has decided to stop sleeping through the night. So I guess this is just "one of those weeks" but regardless I am so thankful to have Sean go through it with me.

I think these pictures speak for themselves...

We love you!