Our Thanksgiving

We have so much to be thankful for, and these are just a few of them.

As part of the McCann tradition, we started the morning with a hike. We were able to hike up in the jungle, which is just a few miles from where we live. It was beautiful and very tiring while caring two girls.

To get to the trail you had to walk over this big cable bridge over the river, kind of freaky.

You can't tell but these were some pretty cool waterfalls we saw on our hike.

Lucy loved her ride, well at least for the first 1 and a half.

Then we were able to join our teammates for a thanksgiving feast.

This pretty much sums up our girls view of food these days :)

Squirrels in Honduras?

Well not really, but don't our little girls look cute in the squirrel outfits Aunt KK made?!

La Finca

Translated is the farm. On Sunday our family spent the day on the farm, with some new friends in our neighborhood. We met these friends through our new ministry called, Sauce Stories, which is basically a bi-lingual library time.

This is my friend, Mariana, teaching Ellie how to ride.

Rebekah is 3 and Santiago is 18 months.

I had fun riding a horse, but these horses were not quiet "tamed" like I am used to.

The girls loved playing in the sandbox, especially Ellie, but I should have expected that since she loves to get dirty.

There were so many animals there including ducks, chickens, bunnies, and turtles. It was a very pleasant way to spend Sunday afternoon, relaxing outside the city.

Our Pretty Dresses

One of our family friends made these beautiful dresses for the girls for their birthdays. I tried to get some pictures of them together but failed. All I could manage to capture were the girls having fun in poor lighting.

Goodbye Paci

We are still back-blogging (if that is a word) to try to catch up, but when we returned home to Honduras, it was time to say goodbye to the beloved pacifier. We have told Lucy for at least 6 months now that when she turns 3, she had to say goodbye, and she knew it was time.

Here she is having the last suck, doesn't she look thrilled?!

Then she wrapped up her paci to give to the pacifier fairy, who took it away while she was on a daddy/daughter date, and replaced it with a special present.

She handled the transition pretty well, with only a few tears, and a couple of days of missed naps. It was hard to see her give up something that she cherished so much but we know this will be much better for her teeth.

Saturday Girls Day Event

We treated 5 girls from Armenia on Saturday to lunch at a nice place by the ocean and ice cream. It was fun to be with these girls and get to know them more on a personal level. They were a very quiet group, which is a nice change from last time.

Here we all are coloring, making necklaces with beads, and origami animals.

Erin and I look forward to starting a discipleship program with some of these girls, and others that we have gotten to know through the months, some time early next year.

Day 9 in the Mountains- Halloween

This was our last day in the mountains, and unfortunately the grandparents came down with a horrible stomach bug. So our family went to a random church in Cashiers for a trunk or treat.

Ellie the Frog, and Lucy the Dancer/Flapper.

Enjoying the loot.

And here is a series of pictures where Ellie discovers the joy of lollipops.

What you can't tell in this picture is that it still has the wrapper on when it is in her mouth.

But I gave in and took off the wrapper, after all I didn't want her to eat paper.

Oh pure bliss.

This Halloween thing is pretty great.

Well this now ends the series of us in the States. Even with 850 pictures, there are so many things I don't have pictures of like seeing my fun pregnant friend in Atlanta, going crazy in Target for 2 hours (oh how I miss that place), gorging ourselves on food like Chick-fil-A milkshakes, Moe's, BBQ, and so much more. But I am sure you can tell by all the pictures, we had a wonderful time!

Day 8 in the Mountains- Ellie's First Birthday

It was so fun and special to be able to celebrate Ellie's first birthday with family. Here are some fun facts to enjoy about Ellie as we celebrate her first year of life:

* If you can't tell by pictures, Ellie loves to eat. She will eat anything and everything and she always eats double the amount of Lucy. The only thing she doesn't like is milk, go figure.
* She has been to 5 countries- Costa Rica (her birth country), USA, Honduras, Panama, and Mexico. That is twice the amount of States she has visited.
* #1 things everyone comments on are her eyes. #2 is usually her thighs. #3 lack of hair.
* She is very active and explorative (much more than her sister) and she started walking just over a week after her birthday.
* She has only 2 teeth, both of which she got on the week of her birthday.
* Her all time favorite activity is knocking down blocks.
* Although we have our days, in general, she sleeps like a champ 15 hours a day. And because we live where we do, she can sleep through anything!
*She doesn't have any other words besides Mama and Dada but she is just now beginning to really babble, so hopefully that will come soon. And she is getting very good at sign language.

Here is the beautiful, and very yummy cake we enjoyed.

Opening gifts.

New books.

Shape sorter.

A new puzzle.

And at last enjoying the cake.

We love you little Ellie and we praise the Lord for your first year of life.

We interrupt this program for an important announcement

I will continue on with stories from our trip but first a fun video to watch. It is short, so don't blink, or you might miss it.

Day 7 in the Mountains

We hiked to some beautiful waterfalls.

Hanging out and enjoying nature.

It was very cold with the wind blowing the mist from the waterfall on you.

Ellie and I enjoying a picnic.

And lots...

I mean lots of love from grandparents.

A beautiful sunset to end the day.

Day 6 in the Mountains

The second part of our week in the mountains was spent with Sean's family. We had a beautiful, warm sunny day so we headed "into town" and discovered a fabulous playground.

The girls loved exploring the park.

And playing turned out to be a great distraction because Ellie finally got her first tooth on this day.

Then once again we headed up to the meadow.

It really is a beautiful place.