More Valentines Fun

Last weekend Iris, Endera and Lady, a few girls we have been ministering to came over to our house to hang out and make cookies. None of these girls had ever baked cookies before as oven are a luxury here, especially in Armenia.

It is such a joy to invite people into our home because our girls are much more comfortable in their own environment. And Lucy loves that she has so many people begging to play Candy Land with her.

The goal was to make Valentine's cookies but they became bored with the 5 heart shaped cookie cutters so I got out all my Christmas, and dozens of Halloween (thanks Kaitlin) cookie cutters for them to enjoy as well.

They really enjoyed making cookies, and unlike Lucy, they did not become tired after the first batch.

I think all the girls had consumed all their cookies they made before they got home. So much for sharing it with friends and family, but at least I know they enjoyed it.

Valentine's Day Cookies

Abner Daniel and Susanna came over this year to help us decorate some fun Valentine's cookies. One of my friends shared with me a blog about decorating sugar cookies with paint brushes, it is a wonderful idea with much less mess for all involved.

Of course with toddlers involved the attention level was gone after the first batch.

Then it was time for a little dress up fun for the girls.

And just for fun, we did a similar event last year and invited our friends the Tippys over to bake cookies. Look how big Ellie was then- wow how they change so fast!

In Preparation for Maggie Dirks

Maggie is our dear friend from when we were in seminary in Charlotte. She and her family (also dear friends of ours) are coming next week to lead a short term team with RUF Johnson and Whales. We are all so excited to share with some of our dear friends our lives here in Honduras.
We heard that Maggie adores dress up games so we decided to kick it in gear here at the McCann household so that Maggie would feel right at home when she arrived.

We look forward to seeing you soon Maggie and Henry!

A Beautiful Tree

This beautiful tree was right outside our condo we rented in Florida. On our walk through the neighborhood, we just had to stop for a afternoon snack.

Children's Museum

One of the fun things we got to do when we were in Miami was to go to the local children's museum. It was in a small, old, historic house and was the perfect size for my little girls to explore.

Ellie is growing up and changing every day, as you can see from this picture.

I thought this was a cute picture to give you a little glimpse into Ellie's sweet personality.

Lucy loved playing bank teller.

There was also a great grocery store room that she loved to explore.

Gannie and her had fun checking out the groceries.

Gannie and Mac

We traveled to Miami last week to renew our visas and Gannie and Mac were able to meet us there for a few days of fun.

Ellie loved someone to share her new favorite book with "Going on a Bear Hunt". She will sit and let you read this to her over and over again about 3 times.

The girls loved their huge bathtub and being washed by Gannie each night.

We enjoyed walks by the beach.

And lots of fun (and clean unlike here) playgrounds.

Thanks for a fun trip Gannie and Mac.