Beach Bums

Last week we took a short trip to Roatan Island, for a retreat with our teammates and the Latin America director for MTW. It was a wonderful chance to get away and as always the girls loved the beach.

We enjoyed some nature watching, as we saw 2 of these, in the wild right outside our hotel.

Eating ice cream.

Swimming in the crystal blue water.

Taking long walks on the beach.

Dancing and frolicking.

And in general just some good family time to get away.

Now we are enjoying some more down time as family as we are celebrating holy week, and the death and resurrection of our Savior.


17 months later when little sister finally gets hair and turns out we have 2 curly haired girls, what fun!

Sarah Returns

Our nanny from the summer returned back to La Ceiba for her spring break. It was such a joy to welcome someone back who has already been here, experienced life here, and developed relationships here. We had a blast catching up, and the girls picked up right where the left off as far as playing with her and enjoying her friendship.

We decided she deserved some R&R, after all this was her spring break, so we took her to a water park here in town. I never knew that something this nice exists just 15 minutes outside the city. I know where I will be any day off I get during the summer!

Another thing she wanted to do was hike Pico Bonito. Sean graciously kept the girls so we didn't attempt this extremely difficult hike with them again. It was refreshing for me to get out in nature, work my muscles hard core, and get some fun girl time. The sweat we are showing in this picture lets you know just how tough this hike really was.

It was a joy to see Sarah reconnect with all the kids she grew close to this summer. Blanca Estella, is just one of the many girls, that Sarah really touched this summer. Lucy loved being with Sarah again soon. She continues to talk about Sarah and just how cool of a girl she really is, I think this is the first real role model Lucy has found.

And Ellie was happy as ever to once again be squeezed and loved on by Sarah.

For Sarah's last night we got to have a girl's night in town with some of her favorite friends in Armenia. We took them out to Pizza Hut and then back to my house for dessert. As you can see we had a blast.

Thanks again for visiting us Sarah, know you are welcome back any time. We loved having you here with us!!

Weather Changes

The past 4 months have been nice and cool here in Ceiba. But now we are saying goodbye to our "rainy season".

And hello to hot humidity.

So here we go again, working on our tan line, sweating the day away, and taking at least 2 showers a day.

A Day at the Beach

On the last day of the Dirks visit we got to go to the beach with them. It was fun to spend a chilly, windy day playing on the beach with them.

Maggie was a little more daring that most and even tried out the water.

Mrs. Carrie makes some rocking sand sculptures including mermaid tails.

And sleeping beauty beds.

We love you and miss you Dirks. Thank you for coming here and ministering to us and along side of us.

More Weekly Adventure with Dirks

Story time is always better with a friend.

This is the way Carrie and I rolled 95% of the time, as single moms, but it was great I wouldn't give up my time with a girl friend for anything.

A little sibling fun.

This was Henry's highlight of the week, a $1 ride on a carousal.

It was great to introduce the Dirks into our world, even though at times it was a little bit overwhelming for the kids.

A Little Dirks Love

So I apologize for the lack of blogging lately but we have been busy entertaining friends. Here is just a little glimpse of our fun week and the love we received from our friends.

As expected Lucy fully embraced the dress up master, Maggie Dirks.

This was Maggie's favorite thing about Honduras, which ironically she called the "big bath tub". It was even more thrilling with the Princess bubbles she brought along.

The little ones enjoyed playing blocks, balls, and just running around chasing one another.

Lucy enjoyed sharing her love of lip gloss with a friend.

Watch out guys, this one is taken.

I promise there will be many more pictures to come of our week to come.