Beach fun

Hope you are enjoying your summer from one beach bum to another!

Many faces of Lu

Can you tell someone was happy to be invited to a Honduran birthday party at Wendy's (ie LOTS of candy)?!

Ear sugar

Mrs. Kathy has this fun game she loves to play with Ellie called Ear sugar, as you can see Ellie loves it.

Durham Travels

Last week was our time to renew our 90 visa once again, and this time we traveled to Durham NC to see the McCanns. We have decided it is much easier to travel when grandparents are involved and we can actually rest and enjoy ourselves with some help.

The girls loved playing outside and exploring the big yard. They watered the flowers, swung on the swing, colored on the picnic table, played on the slip and slide, and more.

One of the many joys about the US are all the free playgrounds and we decided to take advantage of them while they were there. Ellie especially enjoyed herself since most of the playgrounds here are too big for her or too crowded to play on.

Here are the girls sporting their cute 4th of July dresses that Gannie bought.

We spent one day at the Children's museum of Life and Science. We could have literally spent our whole time here and still not explored it all.

I love this picture of Ellie holding Mac's hand.

Here is our big girl sitting on a big chair. They both loved exploring all there was to see.

Aunt Curly was able to come down for the weekend for a short visit, the girls obviously took to her well.

Other adventures that unfortunately I do not have pictures of are swimming in the pool, going to the library, eating Chick-fil-A 4 days in a row, and catching up with friends Liz Uecker and Erin Timmons. It was a wonderful trip and the girls enjoyed all the extra attention and love they received from the grandparents.