Fancy Nancy

Our little Nancy loves accessorizing just like the books Fancy Nancy. Among her favorites are jewelry, hats, and of course shoes.

One More Month

Things are getting exciting around here as we only have one more month until the girls birthday week begins.

Here are the plan of events, Lord willing:

October 23 The biggest and best Curious George Birthday party in all of Honduras.

October 24 Lucy will celebrate her 4th birthday

October 25 Drive 3 hours for the birth and welcome the Wall grandparents to Honduras.

October 26 We will welcome the arrival of baby girl #3

October 29 Leave hospital to go back home in La Ceiba.

October 30 Ellie celebrates her 2nd birthday

Here are my babies growing up.

Having Fun

Some days I wonder why I am so tired, but watching this video I now know why.

P.S. It is really hot here and so my kids stay dressed in their pjs for a long time and that means no shorts, so please excuse us, we are not very prim and proper.

The Love of Sisters

Believe me our days are not always filled with this much love, but there are sweet precious moments like these that fill my heart with joy.

I can't wait to add one more into the mix!


On Day 2 of our trip we went on a little city tour which included this neat park on top of the mountain with a great lookout.

While on top we could watch the airplanes land and take off, Teguc is known for its very short runway, due to being completely surrounded by mountains. Needless to say our goal is to never fly in or out of Teguc during our time here in Honduras.

On the top there is this huge Jesus statue that you can see as you drive all over the city.

As you can see one of us needed a attitude adjustment once we were there.

But at least one out of two was happy.

And last but not least, our attempt at a family picture.