Early morning turkey hand painting.

We started the day by exploring a new beach area. We went expecting only to stay for a little while and play in the sand but the water was too inviting to not enjoy.

The girls had a blast playing in the surf.

After our trip to the beach it was back to the house to watch the Thanksgiving parade and begin cooking. We gathered together with our team after nap time to celebrate Thanksgiving. We are so blessed by this team and even though it is hard to be away from family, this is a great group to celebrate with.

The bird and the chef.

The spread!

Enjoying the feast.

After dinner turkey crafts.

More Grandparent Love

i am a bit behind in blogging due to the fact that 3 children are a lot of work and completely exhausting, so please show grace. We had a wonderful time with Gannie and Mac when they were here to help care for us and meet little Anna.

Mac read countless stories to Ellie.

And Gannie entertained Lucy with an imaginary game called "Pit stop". She also enjoy some loving time with Ellie.

We had a wonderful visit with them and the girls are greatly missing all the extra attention and play mates but it is good to find a "normal" routine that works for our family of 5.

1 month

I really can't believe that it has already been a month since she was born. A lot has happened this month with both sets of grandparents visiting, and we are just now trying to settle into a routine. She is a sweet girl but we are still working on the whole sleeping thing, she is just a really gassy baby and so is very uncomfortable a lot. She already has had her first cold, I guess that is life as a 3rd child constantly being introduced to new germs. The older girls are still in love with her and smother her with affection every chance they get. In honor of her being one month I thought it would be fun to post picture of all the girls to compare how she looks, most people (including us) think she greatly resembles Ellie. What do you think?







3 Girls

Well sorry for the lack of blogging but we have been a little...well busy. I am learning that life with 3 girls is constant, a little dramatic, and a joy. We are still getting adjusted to meeting the needs of 3 little ones, and at times it can be very challenging, but I am thankful for moments like these when all is well and we can simply enjoy one another.


Probably the hardest thing about being on the field is not having grandparents around. Necy and Dabo were able to come down for almost 2 weeks to welcome the birth of Anna and help us transition to life with 3. They were a huge help and honestly I am not sure how we would have done it without them. They stayed in the hotel with the big girls for 3 days while we were at the hospital and then came home with us to La Ceiba to help cook, clean, finish various projects in our house, host birthday parties, and oh yeah take care of 3 kids.

We loved every minute of having them here, and although they have been gone for a week, Ellie still walks around the house asking for Necy and "Bo".

Thanks mom and dad for helping us out and a putting up with all our craziness!

Today we are excited to welcome Gannie and Mac. It has been a long week without any help and the children are all looking forward to some extra attention, whereas Sean and I are looking forward to some rest.


The big girls seem to be adapting well to Anna and for the most part love having her around. As you can see they are a little anxious for her to grow up and start playing already.

Lucy is a little mommy to her, caring for her and talking baby talk with her.

Ellie on the other hand is still learning what gentleness means, which makes it a little tricky to leave the room if Anna is on the floor or in her chair.

And Anna, well she is taking it all in stride :)

First Bath

Well I will try to back track and post some pictures of Anna's first week.

Lucy loved helping give Anna her first bath, although she couldn't understand why she would cry through the whole thing.

At last the warm comfort of being in a towel in grandma's arms.

Curious George Party

Ellie's birthday began with waffles and sprinkles. As you can tell she dressed in her finest jewelry for the occasion, but she wasn't in the picture mood.

The party began with a little Curious George drawing competition.

Then we had relay races with bananas of course.

At last time to eat. We had hotdogs on the grill by Dabo, beans and slaw by Necy, and watermelon and chips.

The Curious George cake decorated by Sean with candles for both Lucy and Ellie to blow out. Inside the cake was layered red, blue and yellow- very festive.

Ellie sporting her Aunt KK #2 shirt.

And last but not least what is a Honduran party without a pinata.

We think the pinata looked more like a rat than a monkey but oh well.

Overall the party was a huge success. We had over 30 people and there were kids here from Lucy's school, from church, neighbors, teammates, and other American missionary friends. I can only imagine how big the party will be next year with celebrating 3 girls :)