A moment worth capturing

Sisterly love comes and goes right now, so I have to enjoy and appreciate the loving times. Also I know I am a dork but I love coordinating our girls outfits, and since we are already beginning to battle wardrobe woes then I know my time is very short to dress them.

Flash Back

Just for fun here is some more fun with pictures. Its amazing how similar all our babies look, but once they grow up they sure do change.



Beach Trip

It seems that the rainy season is coming to an end and that means the heat is back. We enjoyed a family day last weekend where we got to drive out to our favorite beach day. It was a blast, the older girls are really loving to swim and play in the surf right now.

Ellie is like a little fish with no fear.

A posed picture where I can never get both girls smiling and looking at the camera at the same time.

And this is what little Anna enjoyed doing in the tent that the girls got for Christmas from Gannie and Mac. This picture reminds me of this one with Ellie at this age.


All of our babies are born within 10 days of each other in the month of October. And although I try like every parent not to compare my children it is inevitable when they are all achieving the same milestones at the same time of year. Therefore I feel like my life is very cyclical and every 2 years it repeats itself: get pregnant every other February, have a baby in October, strive to have baby sleep through the night before Christmas (yeah we are still working on this one with baby #3), struggles with breaking the swaddle, struggles with crying it out before naps, watching baby roll over, sitting up, working off baby fat, eating food, crawling, walking, 1st birthday, etc. However, as I was praying this morning I do not want to get caught up in the cycle of parenting and miss out on all the joys of what God is doing in between.

So just for fun here is a picture of each of the girls all the same ages and same outfit, reflecting on the Lord's faithfulness in our lives the past 4 years.

This picture of Lucy was taken at my sister's house February 2007, we were there attending a missions conference to raise support and prepare to leave for the field. It is amazing for me to think that I left for the field with 1 and returning with 3, wow how things have changed! We have been so blessed financially our whole time on the field, never having a need that has not been fulfilled, never having to raise additional support even though we have gained more mouths to feed (or really I should say more bottoms to wipe), and now having a surplus in our support account which we can bless our ministry with as we prepare to leave.

Moving on to February 2009, this picture was taken when we just moved to Honduras and we are living at the Pettengills house waiting to find a house of our own. Thankfully the Lord provided us a home soon after this picture was taken, which we have enjoyed over the past 2 years. There has been so much that has taken place in our lives these past 2 years I can not even begin (another post for another day). We have seen both the ministry and our own personal lives grow and change in so many ways!

Now its February 2011 and we beginning to process closing this chapter in our lives and beginning another one. Sean has received a call as an assistant pastor at a church in Charlotte. It is bittersweet to think about saying goodbye to a people and country we have loved so much, and at the same time excited about what our future holds.

The Lord is faithful and in the midst of the blur that parenthood brings I can look back at each season and see the Lord's provision and care for our family.