The Littles

Now that Lucy has started school, I have had some sweet time with these little girls all alone. When Lucy is around, Ellie is pretty much consumed with all of her time following her around and mimicking what she does. Therefore, there is not much time for her to develop her relationship with Anna. But once big sister is gone, all of a sudden little sister becomes a great playmate.

Now we just have to work on being gentle, since Ellie's favorite game to play is tackle the baby.


Today is Anna's 11 month birthday. So hard to believe that in a month she will be 1! She is not walking yet but will be before her 1st birthday I believe because she is very close and this week just started standing on her own. But really all I can say about this girl is that she is TROUBLE. See for yourself.

So clearly she has the whole climbing skill mastered.

Smirk and all, gotta love it.

Fun Friends

Here are some silly pictures of some of our favorite friends in Charlotte. Its nice to have friends you can just be your self with.

Love you Dirks.

My Sister

I think I realize it each year more and more how blessed I am to have a wonderful big sister. I remember growing up and fighting a good bit, only because I wanted to do everything that she did exactly how she did it. She was patient to put up with me and when she went off to college, that is when our relationship began to deepen. I am thankful that now we get to walk the joys of motherhood together.

I pray for my girls as they mature as sisters and pray that they will be able to have a friendship like this that will last for years to come. Love you sis.

Loving me some Grace Anne.

One of my favorite things about my week with my sister was getting to know my niece better. Before this week, I have only had a few days to spend with her, and so I loved getting to hold her and see her sweet smiles. She is a precious little girl.

As you can see Lucy was a big fan of her as well.

This was our attempt at getting a picture of all 5 together. Note to self don't put Ellie next to Anna again, this picture just makes me laugh.

I love to think about what these girls relationship will be like through the years, they are only 5 months apart.

Love all these ladies on the couch.

Sun bathing in fancy pants, what a fun way to spend time with your cousin.

First Day of School

Today was Lucy's first day of preschool in the US. I thought school would be one of the hardest adjustments for her because school in Honduras is very different then school here, but she did wonderful. In fact I was the only one who teared up. We first celebrated the morning by having free breakfast at Chick-fil-A and then it was off to school for the big girl. She came home running around the room she was so excited about her day. I think it will be a great year.

Little sister missed her greatly while she was away but had an adventure of her own as she began potty training.

Together At Last

In August my sister and I were able to spend a whole week together and what a blessing it was! First we took all of our kiddos up to my parents mountain house for a week. I love being in the mountains, I will take 70 degree weather in August any day.

These 3 were pretty much inseparable all week. I am amazed at how Ellie, although 2 years younger, can keep up with the big kids.

Caleb has a big job cut out for him being the only and oldest boy of all the grandkids but as you can see he handles it well, and treats these girls so kindly.