Easter Pics

We had a full and joyous Easter this year, reflecting on Christ's death and celebrating His resurrection! On Thursday night we attended our churches Maundy Thursday service, and then we drove to Appling for the annual Easter Egg hunt. We had a wonderful time there celebrating with family but we were all too busy to take even one picture. And then it was back to our church for Easter morning and over to some dear friends house for lunch afterwards. Here are some pictures in their front yard.
Ellie looks as if she is in pain, but that is only her smile no worries.
This picture just makes me laugh and might be found in one of those awkward family photo books.
And this is why there are no good pictures of our sweet 1 1/2 year old. She is quite a handful if you don't know her.
Christ is Risen!

The Camp Out

We got this great tent from Aunt Curley for Christmas, and tonight the bigs and Sean wanted to try it out in the yard.

Can't you just see their excitement exuding from their faces.

A little bed time story/you tube video before "lights out".

Hope everyone stays warm in their sleeping bags and in the tent the whole night through. Meanwhile Anna and I will be enjoying our nice snug and warm beds.