Ladies in Red

Its not often that I think to jump in the picture with my kids. But after reading this blog on taking pictures with your kids, I realized this is definitely something I want to make a habit of.  On this particular Sunday we all ended up in red without even realizing it, so of course it was picture worthy. I love my little ladies and all their different personalities. 

A Quick Christmas Recap

Aunt Curly came to town on her horse  along with Gannie and Mac and the celebrating began.  We enjoyed lots of play as well as a fun traditional things we do every year around town. 

This little girl was so excited about her toothbrush in her stocking that she had to brush her teeth right then.  As far as she was concerned Christmas could have ended there.

And the littlest of the bunch just enjoyed some extra love from grandparents and sleeping through opening gifts.  The extra love was especially helpful as she was starting to come down with some serious respiratory issues that put us in the ER the day after.

All the girls enjoying the loot in the middle of opening gifts.  

Then it was off to Appling to continue on with the festivities.  We had this sight to greet us, it always makes my heart so full seeing all the stockings hung with care.  We are a blessed family!

 All the grandkids except for Mary Neal, who as mentioned before was quite ill this morning.

 Here they all are all lined up again with these fabulous shirts that my mom made for all the girls.  Sweet Caleb with all these girls to care and look after, he will make a good husband one day.

 Of course my girls had to have a Necy tea party while there, this one was snowman themed and each girl made their own out of marshmallows.

 We got to visit Grandma Wall while there as well.  The girls enjoyed playing balloon toss with her.  

It was a great Christmas with family.  We came home for a few more days of vacation together as a family but it ended up just being a few sick days for all of us.  Oh well at least we had lots of new toys to enjoy in our week where we were confined to our sickly house!