Lucy and the Truck

Funny story. So today mommy and I are sitting on the couch by the window, just enjoying a lazy Monday afternoon, when all of a sudden a Ford F150 flies up the steps and slams into the side of our building. Mom heard the noise and dove for cover with me in tow and Aunt Mel watching our back.

Turns out our elderly neighbor had, um, hit the gas instead of the break, and then, um, floored it just in case. The steps crumbled, the glass storm door was shattered, and the railing bent in two. Of course I kept my cool and watched it all like a champ; it was a good break from my day-long crying session. Mom on the other hand was a little more worried for me, but of course then Dad came home laughing and put us all at ease.

Finally the truck was towed, order was restored, and I could return to my days work of crying and fussing.

The truck climbing the steps.


Me and mom at the window with our neighbors the Purdy's.


Close up of the truck.


The view from my window spot.

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The Aftermath

This is the view from our front door...


Our entry way...


The steps out front...

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Lucy Lamb

Lucy loves to dress up after her baths, here she is a little lamb (she has also been a frog)

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Put 'em up!

Now on her 1 month birthday, she no longer needs swadeling like a buritto. Alas, it was the only thing Sean was good at!

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Aunt Kait

A little awkward at first, but Aunt Kait left after Thanksgiving as an experienced Lucy holder and diaper changer.

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Good Hold

Gimme that 'pacie!'

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Tummy Time!

For some unknown reason, parents seem to get way too excited about their child laying on her tummy, and yet we are no exception. So without further ado, here is the famous Tummy Time.

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Lucy in Chairs

She has more seats than we do around the house, here are a few of her favorites.

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More Pics

Lucy and Bennett, just under one year older.


Melissa getting some practice.


She only sleeps like this in Lindsey's arms.

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What a Happy Family

I don't know if you can tell, but Lucy is wearing some pink striped Oshgosh Bogosh overalls. Stylin'.

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A Little Daddy-Daughter Time

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Lucy and Her Friends

Owen 8 months, Mia 4 1/2 months, Lucy 2 1/2 weeks


What a difference 4 months can make

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More Faces of Lu



Smile Lurking




Who Knows?

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Lucy and Gannie

She is clinging on for dear life!

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Bath Time

Her cord fell off so we could give her a real bath, and she hated it. The loudest cries to date, but it was all worth the clean baby smell. And yes, that is a frog towel.

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It dropped down to 30 this weekend in Charlotte, but that was nothing for Burrito Baby.

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Lu's New Friends

Lucy and the Kulp ladies.

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