More Lucy and Caleb

Early morning play time (or meal time for Caleb).


More Christmas pictures.


Caleb showing Lucy the ropes.


Lucy looking a little distressed that Caleb took her seat!

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Lucy and Her Cousin Caleb

First meeting with Grandparents.


"What is this thing?"


'Twas the night before Christmas with Daddy Jim.


Smiling and happy under the tree.

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My Great Grandmother

I got to meet my Great Grandmother for the first time this Christmas. I am now her 7th great grandchild.

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Christmas #2

Last week Lucy had her first Christmas ever at our apartment in Charlotte. Today, Christmas Eve morning, she had her second Christmas in Durham, and tomorrow she will have her third in Appling, GA. Spoiled much?

Gannie's arms.


Her new favorite chair.


Mom's arms.

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Lucy and a New Friend


Lu went to vist Leah yesterday, one of Sean's old high school friends. Lucy loved sleeping in Leah's arms and all three of the ladies looked beautiful together. Thanks Leah! Posted by Picasa

Lucy and the McCanns

Lu and her new winter outfit.


Pondering with Gannie.


The family on (our) Christmas Eve.

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First Mecca to the Holy Land

Pre Game.


In Game.


Post Game.


If you don't already know, we here in the McCann family love our Blue Devil Basketball. Sean went to his first game at Cameron Indoor when he was 6 months, so we decided to beat that by taking Lucy to her first game on her 8 week birthday. She loved it, though she sweated through about all of her clothes. In the end the Devils won in a tight one, the whole fam had a blast, and Lucy will never hear again. All in all a good night! Posted by Picasa

Random Pics

At home in her swing.


Before church in her Christmas dress.


At Gannie and Mac's (Sean's parents) house in her bouncey seat.

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Loving the Mobiles

Her new favorite toy.

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