Flight Home

On our long plane home we asked (like we always do) for a extra seat only this time they actually had one! It was great because we got moved to the very front of the plane and so there was lots of room for Lucy to play on the floor.

We have had enough fun for the week and here we are pooped out.

Aunt Curly

Here are some last few shots in Oregon. I miss you already Aunt Curly.

Lava Butte

We went for a short hike today at Lava Butte. It is a cool place where lava flowed many of thousand years ago and is still there for you to see and hike in.

Fun in Sunriver

This is us Geocaching, the "cache," or prize, is under the log over Lindsey's shoulder. If you are not familiar with what this is, it is a fun new scavenger hunt with a GPS.

Watching the horses run is one of the McCanns tradition at Sunriver. Every evening they let the horses out of the stables to run "free" in the pasture.

Swings are always a big hit, especially here in this nice cool weather. Today the high was 72 degrees!

More playground fun with mom.

First slide for Lucy, she didn't seem to know what was going on but enjoyed being in her dad's lap.

Hiking in Oregon

Hanging out by the river taking a break.

Check out the large tree behind them.

The whole McCann clan.

10 Months Old

Yesterday was Lucy's 10 month birthday. Its kind of sureal that my little girl is growing up so fast. Here are a few more milestones that she has reached the past few weeks...
She now points at things
She can stand up by pulling up on anything and everything
She can climb stairs
She says mama and dada to the appropriate person

Pools and Bikes

Today in Sunriver we went to the pool. Lucy had a blast although the water was quite chilly.

The kids pool was very exciting as you can tell.

It's hard work after all that swimming. Time to take a break and chill in the shade for a while.

This is Lucy's cool ride around Sunriver. Isn't it sporty?!

The Fun of Central Oregon

Today we went exploring in Central Oregon. We started off at a park near the Deschutes River, one of the prime fly fishing spots in the Northwest.

Lucy checked out the river with Mac and Aunt Curly

Here she is getting a closer look.

After the park, we went to the Marina and saw all the boats.

Lastly we ended up at the Stables and saw some little ponies.

You can't tell here, but Lucy smiled at this big horse.

Bath and Barb

With all of Lucy's adventures out here in Oregon, she is in need of daily baths. Here she is having some time with her Gannie.

Here are some fun pictures with Lu and her Aunt Barb.

Lucy Goes West

Lucy had her second adventure on a airplane yesterday when we flew to Oregon. This airplane trip was a little different though because it was a total of 11 hours of traveling and a 3 hour time difference. Lucy did remarkably well and for that we are very thankful.

Here she is playing at a little playground area they have in the Salt Lake City airport. Lucy enjoyed this nice break to crawl around, play, and meet some new friends.

When we arrived in Oregon we enjoyed hanging out with our family. Here is Lucy and her Great Aunt Kat

This is Ann (Gannie) and her two sisters, Aunt Barbara on the left and Aunt Kat on the right. As you can tell Lucy is getting lots of love and attention here in Oregon.

Looking Cool around the Neighborhood

We decided to check out our new neighborhood on Saturday afternoon and Lucy had to look stylin so we tried on her sunglasses.

This picture was an atempt to show off Lucy's two new teeth but we obviously did not capture it. Lucy did finally get her first two teeth last week- its crazy how she is growing up so fast.


Lucy played her first game of basketball the other day. For about a hour she would throw the ball in the basket, crawl in and get it and repeat all over again. Lucy's ball is her favorite toy right now, she can even say the word "ball". She is already making her dad very proud!

Lucy's New Friend

Lucy has begun to explore every inch of the apartment. Today on her expedition she found, hidden behind the bedroom door, her new friend. She screamed with joy, slappend hands, and even kissed her new friend. It was a hilarious exchange that went on for at least 10 minutes. Here is what it looked like:

Special Outfits

It is fun to see your baby wear clothes that you did when you were little. Lucy has several of my outfits but this one we actually have a picture of me in it. Can you tell which one is Lindsey and which one is Lucy? We know now where Lucy gets her rolls from.

This dress Aunt KK made for Lucy in a introduction to sewing class she took. Hopefully she can teach me how to make it and you will see more of these in the future.