Thanksgiving in Durham

We spent our Thanksgiving holiday with the McCann's in Durham. Here are some highlights of the week.

This is a picture of Lucy watching the Macy Day Parade. She loved to dance and play along with her drumsticks to the music.

Lucy now has her very own swing at Gannie and Mac's house and as you can see she loves it. She could spot the swing from inside the house so no matter what time it was or how cold it was outside she wanted to go to the swing.

The Thanksgiving Feast. Lucy ate everything for the Thanksgiving feast except the turkey and loved it.

Isn't Lucy cute in her new Christmas outfit Gannie picked out?! Lucy is sitting in a chair that belonged to her dad when he was young. She loved climbing in and out of her very own rocking chair.

Go Dawgs!

We had a fun day today watching the Georgia vs. Kentucky game and cheering them on to victory.

We invited a few friends over for soup and to watch the game with us. Maggie and Lucy had a lot of fun together. And don't you just love the hair bows on these sweet girls?

Afterwards we went to the park to celebrate.

We got Lucy to say "woof woof" after we said Go Dawgs Go. She only actually said it 3 times but don't worry we will practice before the Sugar Bowl.

Has anyone seen Lucy?



Although Lucy isn't exactly walking she has lately become very interested in her walker and scoots all around the house on this thing. Here are some pictures of her using the walker the past two days.

As you can tell Lucy is a lot like her mom and has to stick out her tongue when it takes serious concentration.

Lucy Lovin' Outdoors

Last night Lucy had a great time crawling around outside on the patio and playing with her ball.

Fun Times with Lu

After she is done with working we have some fun on the bed-wrestling, tickling and playing peek-a-boo. Here are some fun action shots

Lucy Hard at Work

Every day after Lucy wakes up from her nap she goes and visits daddy and sits with him at the desk to help him with support raising. Today we thought we would take a few pictures to give you a glimpse into her life.

Sean showing Lucy how it works.

Lucy showing Sean how he is doing it all wrong.