Rocking Horse

Gannie and Mac have a rocking horse at their house from when Sean was younger. At first Lucy seemed very scared of the horse and wasn't willing to venture near it, but now she loves it. This is a funny clip of Lucy trying to rock with the horse. To interpret Lucy's language in the video she first says "rock" then she says "down" and when she rubs her stomach she is saying "please" in sign language. I hope you enjoy.

Roadtrip to Virginia

This past weekend we traveled to Richmond, Virginia to say goodbye to some friends. We first met up with the Marusichs, a family we got to know well during our MTW training in New York this summer. It was a blast to see them again and to hear how their lives have changed since July.

Then we went to visit the Purdys, dear friends from seminary. We loved seeing what their lives in Richmond looked like. Lucy fell in love with Owen all over again and the kids had so much fun playing together.

Lucy loved giving high-fives to Owen.

Working together to put together the train. This is a great picture because it actually shows Lucy sharing, something we have been working really hard on to teach her.

15 Months

Today is Lucy's 15th month birthday, it is hard to believe our little girl is growing up so fast. I was sure that she would be walking soon but other than 3 steps we haven't seen much progress. One thing Lucy does do though is talk up a storm here are some words in her vocabulary: duck, ball, book, turtle, kitty, dog, octopus, blueberry, banana, hat, shirt, shoes, chair, rock, walk, hot, more, one, truck, and I am sure there are more that I am forgetting but the favorite right now is Mac (Granddaddy McCanns' name). 

Check out Lucy's new sweater, knitted by Gannie with lots of love and effort.

This is pretty much what we have looked like the last week- bundled up and snot dripping out of our nose. 

Pull up a chair and have a seat. 

The First of Many Goodbyes

Since this blog is focused on Lucy we will focus on the many dear friends she had to say goodbye to this last week.  Lucy has been so blessed to have so many friends during our time in Charlotte.  Even though she doesn't understand that she will not get to see any of these friends for a long time, I know that she will miss them dearly. Honestly, as a mom this is one of the hardest things about leaving- watching Lucy say goodbye to all that is familiar and go to a world of complete unknowns. If you think about it please pray for Lucy in all these many transitions that she is going through, it is hard to watch her struggle to understand why her life is changing so much. 

Bennett, Graham, Celia, Amelia, Sam, and Lucy.

Elizabeth, Lucy's first friend (because she was born only 3 days before her).

Maggie- don't ask why Lucy has no clothes on in this picture or why she looks so distressed...just a rough night all together.

Lucy fell in love with Cammie during our time we stayed with the Waters in Charlotte. Lucy finally had the big sister she always wanted. 


This past week we had two "snow" days in Charlotte. We never really played in the snow because not too much stuck to the ground, it was wet and cold, and we were all sick anyways. So here are some pictures we got to enjoy from our balcony.

Our Growing Girl

I apologize for the lack of posting we have been busy with traveling, packing, and dealing with sickness. Although there are not many pictures on this post, Lucy has been changing so much.  I love this age because every day she discovers something new.  Lucy has begun to talk a lot and is able to communicate very well now which is very helpful in parenting. Her favorite word right now is "walk".

Isn't she sassy?

It's getting cold here finally but don't worry Lucy is prepared.

Lucy's favorite toys has always been her books. 

She now gets attached to about two books a day and carries them around where ever she goes.  She wants you to read them to her constantly. Todays books of choice were "Spot visits his Grandparents" and "The little Engine that Could".

Look whose Standing

On New Years Day Lucy stood up on her own without pulling up on anything. She was so proud of herself. Here she is showing off her new trick.

Go Dawgs!

Here are some pictures of Lucy cheering on the GA Bulldogs to victory in the Sugar Bowl.