Our little hooded girl

The past couple of days it has been raining non-stop here. It has been very dreary but it has made us all slow down and enjoy some R&R.

Here is Lucy enjoying a snack one day after her nap. She loves hoods right now and will walk around with it on all day long. In this picture she is making a "bulldog face". Lucy has become very expressive lately and loves making new faces, most morning we spend half of breakfast just goofing off and making faces at one another. Another thing to note in this picture is the presence of Pato and Patito (duck and little duck). She has become very attached to this little stuff animals and patito has to go with her every day to school. We almost lost patito this morning on our walk to school but thanks to our awesome teammate who searched for him in the rain he is saved!

Lucy's new favorite activity is to pretend play with all of her kitchen toys. She loves putting cups into one another, putting tops on things, pretend pouring, and stirring. It is really neat to see her little mind put things together and she her beginning to use her imagination in fixing dinner and then serving it to us, her stuff animals, or her baby dolls.

Here she is once again playing kitchen. The bottom drawer in the kitchen is filled with all her things and she loves to empty it out and play. It provides a very good distraction when I am trying to fix dinner.

It's a.......

healthy, very active, yet a little modest and uncooperative baby! We had a ultrasound today and due to the position of the baby, legs crossed and hands on his knees, we were not able to determine the sex. I was disappointed but we will have another ultrasound in a month and then it should be determined. When the doctor first looked at our baby he said he was 95% it was a boy but then the baby moved and it looked like it could have just been the umbilical cord that we saw so there you have it- the guess is yours :) We praise the Lord for a healthy and active child.


After a long week at school we typically crash on the weekends. It is a great time for all of us to catch up on our sleep, e-mails, and have some fun family time.

Friday night Lucy enjoyed playing with Maddy and watching a little Elmo. Notice how tired everyone looks in this picture :)

On Saturday mornings we typically go to the Feria (Farmer's Market). Today we went to the park afterwards to feed the ducks (or patos as Lucy now calls them).

This is not a very good picture but it shows the beauty of this park. There is a waterfall behind Lucy which she loved to watch.

Lucy in the Park

These pictures were taken about a month ago to try to capture Lucy at 18 months. It was fun taking pictures of Lucy just playing at the park and being her fun loving self.


I wanted to take a few pictures of Lucy at school so that you could get a better idea of what her day is like each day. Lucy seems to enjoy school very much. She goes every morning at 7:15, generally with little to no fussing, and then we pick her up at 1. She loves her teacher Mrs. Gloria and she has already learned so much Spanish from her: how to count to 5, where all her body parts are on her face, and random words about food. When we pick her up she is so happy and full of energy. Whenever we ask her what she does at school her answers are always the same: church (which we assume refers to the Bible study they have every day), play, sing, pray, eat, and outside.

Pizza Night

Last night we made homemade pizza that Lucy truly seemed to enjoy. Last time we ordered pizza here she walked around the house yelling "piza, piza" until the delivery guy finally showed up. Our girl has a new favorite food.

The meal in progress.

Our girl throughly enjoying this bite.

Clean up time. Isn't that crazy hair just beautiful?

Lastly, post-bath time with daddy. We call this towel her green monster, she loves to walk/run to the bath with just a diaper and the towel on her head like a cape while we run away yelling "look out for the green monster!!!" Quite a sight.

New, Old Friends

Tonight we met some new friends that we feel like we've known for quite some time. Our friends Jake and Melissa in Charlotte loved to talk (and talk and talk...) about their friends from college, the Griffiths. Well it just so happens that we (the McCanns) and they (the Griffiths) are both in San Jose studying Spanish.

So tonight we finally met up at Multiplaza del Este (a big mall) for dinner. It was fun to meet and hang out together, and for Lucy to give their daughter Caia some smiles and kisses.

Here we all are in the Mall: Jonathan, Caia (in arms), Amy, Lindsey, Lucy (with Pepsi cup), and Sean.

Our Life Day to Day

Our new trimester has officially started today and we will be in class every day from now until mid- August. We are excited to be starting language classes again, after having a tutor for the past month and a half. I thought I would give you a little glimpse into our day to day life.

5:30 am Rise and Shine for me and Sean
6:30 Lucy awakes, family breakfast
7:00 Leave the house for school

7:30 - 1:00 School (Sean and I have an hour break from 8:30 - 9:30)
1:30 Home, hit the bed hard (this refers mainly to Lucy but also to me)

The rest of the evening is just time for us to spend together as a family, eat dinner, relax, etc.

6:30 Lucy in bed, Sean and I begin doing homework, cleaning up, and communication with friends and family
9:00 Bed time

To be honest it is a long and exhausting day. We are praying that Lucy will get adjusted to this schedule quickly as it is obviously hard for her to be at school for such a long period of time and to get her nap so late in the day. But we know that children are easily flexible and praying that the schedule will get easier for all of us in a couple of weeks. For now we would appreciate your prayers for strength, endurance, rest, and much grace and patience for us as a family.