The End of Vacation

The last day spent with my family was back in San Jose and we all went to the park for a last day of fun all together.

Lucy loved showing Caleb her favorite park.

And of course we had to have another photo opt while the kids were together and dressed alike.

Peek a Boo

Ring around the Rosy, this is one of Lucy's favorite games right now.

And a little silly fun with Dabo.

What a blessing it was to have my whole family here for a whole week. The house is lonely now without them around and Lucy asks for Caleb at least twice a day still. It was also a blessing for our family to be able to travel more in Costa Rica while they were here. This is the last of our travels before baby Tica arrives. Our vacation days are officially over as tomorrow we go back to school and start our next trimester. We are all looking forward into getting back into school and improving in our Spanish.

Vacation Day 6

This was the last official day of our vacation together as a family. So of course you have to have the group picture with the beautiful sunset behind us.

Sean built a awesome track for Caleb to run around in the sand and it was hours worth of fun. Caleb fell and got sand all in his face so Uncle Mac decided to give himself a sand beard as well.

Looking for monkeys on the beach.

Lucy playing in the sand. This is the 4th time that Lucy has been to the beach since we have been here and at last she was able to handle being in the sand, thanks for the encouragement Caleb.

Lucy and Caleb got their arms painted and were very proud to show it off to the grandparents.

Another cute photo of Caleb and Lucy enjoying one another.

Vacation Day 5

On Day 5 of our vacation we hit the beach and the pool all day. The kids loved to swim and play in the sand. By the end of the day Lucy would go around the house saying "I'm a fish".

This was the first baby pool Lucy ever really played in and she loved the fact that she could walk everywhere in it.

Taking a break in the shade.

Watching the sun go "night night" with dad.

We had beautiful sunsets every night to enjoy.

Chillin in the condo wearing mom's shoes.

As every parent knows dining out with a toddler is always a adventure- well try two toddlers!

I love this picture! As you can tell these kids really fell in love with each other.

Vacation Day 4

Wake Up Caleb its time for another adventure!

Today we headed to Playa Hermosa which is in the beautiful region of Guancaste in Costa Rica. We didn't take many pictures because most of the day was spent in the van but we drove through some beautiful country side to at last arrive at the beach.

This was the beautiful view we had from our villa and every evening we enjoyed wonderful sunsets.

The kids were glad to at last get out of the car and play.

Vacation Day 3

On our third day, we hung out at the foot of Volcano Arenal and toured around the resort. They had a small "zoo" with crocodiles, turtles, lizards, butterflies, and ants, and the kids walked around wearing matching outfits that Aunt KK made. She also made Baby Tica a matching onesie and dress so there will be many more matching pictures of this adorable dress to come in the future. I included lots of pictures in this post because there were so many cute ones that I just couldn't chose.

Vacation Day 2

This was our mode of transportation for the week, a 12 passenger van.

Our first stop was this beautiful volcano, Volcano Arenal. We stayed here for 2 nights. This volcano is still active and at night you can see lava flowing out at the top.

When we arrived we immediately hit the pools. The resort we stayed at had about 12 different pools all arranging in different temperatures.

Here we are taking a break from swimming and the weather since most of the afternoon it was raining.

What could be better to officially start your vacation than drinking out of a pineapple while sitting in a pool playing with your nephew.

The kids loved swimming and especially jumping off the side. Both Caleb and Lucy were fearless in the water.

Walls Come to Costa Rica

This is DAY 1 of our vacation with Lindsey's family. Necy, Dabo, KK, Uncle B, and Caleb all flew into San Jose last Sunday (August 17) and spent the first evening with us at our house checking out where we live and what we enjoy doing in our home town.

Caleb and Lucy had so much fun together but they also wore each other out so we had to have some quiet time of reading books.

Necy brought many fun new books, clothes, and toys for Lucy including stickers which Lucy and Caleb decided to decorate themselves with.

Necy and Dabo enjoyed taking the kids to the park while we packed up the house and prepared for the rest of our vacation travels.


Lucy loves reading books and now she has started to enjoy reading them to herself. Here is a sample of her reading a book to herself. Originally this video was 5 minutes long, which is a long time for a almost 2 year old to sit in one place doing the same thing for that length of that time. It is funny for me to watch her in her own world.

Hanging out on the Porch

We spend many hours during the day on the porch mostly because we do not have a yard and also because it rains every afternoon and it is a place to go outside and yet not get wet.

Lucy and I tried out sidewalk chalk for the first time this week and it was a big hit. She loved drawing on the small piece of concrete that we have on our steps to our porch.

San Jose has beautiful sunsets almost every night.

Lucy is posing in this picture, we are trying to teach her to smile for a camera but for right now she is going through a stage where she doesn't like to be captured by camera.

As you can see Lucy doesn't go any where anymore without her baby doll.

For other news we are officially done with our first trimester in language school! We are all thankful for what we have experienced and learned this tri and looking forward to some much needed vacation.