McCann Girls Love Their Baths.

The other night I was bathing Ellie and she was chewing on a toy and it reminded me of a picture of Lucy so I tried to capture the moment so that I could go back and compare. I think Lucy was about a month older in these pictures but at least it shows their resemblance.

Matching Dresses

My sister, Aunt KK, made these dresses for the girls back when they came to visit us in Costa Rica (August '08). This is the first time though that I have put Ellie's dress on her and this is the first official matching outfit for the girls. Being the younger sister I used to absolutely love dressing up and matching my older sister (I am sure she didn't think it was near as cool). As for now Lucy loves that her little sister looks just like her but I am sure that will change in due time.

Life as a Missionary Kid

Pictured above: Lucy, Lucas, Maddy, Ellie, and Noah all of the kids on our team.

As Lucy gets older we are able to explain to her more and more what it means to be a MK. At times I get really sad thinking about all the new people she meets and all the goodbyes she has to say. But the other day we were having one of our many conversations of "Where did (fill in the blank with any new friend) go?" As I was answering the question I realized how blessed she is to have so many friends all around the world. I mean what 2 year old could say they have friends like: Noa in Japan, Caylin in Costa Rica, Eva in Guatemala, Ashley in the Dominican Republic, Elijah in Mexico, Ashley and Pratt in Nicaragua, and not to mention all of her close friends and family in the US. She loves making new friends now and especially welcoming people into our home, which is a gift that has come from having so many people over all the time. In fact it is a very boring day if at least one new person or someone from our team doesn't come by at least for a little bit. It has also been very funny for me to watch Lucy change and grow up since we have been here. Lucy has lots of friends but she spends most of her time around boys, mainly Lucas and Noah, since Maddy is in school. So not only has she become much more verbal due to the older influence but also more adventuresome.

UPDATE: I forgot Caia in Costa Rica, one of Lu's best little buddies while we lived there. Sorry girl.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

In order to celebrate Valentine's Day this year we invited over our new friend Jude to help us bake and decorate sugar cookies. Jude is the 3 almost 4 year old son of Amanda and Jarred Tippy who are here in La Ceiba for at least 4 months to learn and study Spanish. They also have a 6 month old little girl named none other than Lucy! They live right around the corner from us so it is great to have them in the neighborhood and our Lucy is currently obsessed with Jude.

Decorating cookies is a lot of work, its time to take a break while mom finishes cleaning the kitchen.

The finished product.

At last being able to enjoy all the hard work.

What is better than sweet Valentine love between sisters.

Shower Baths and Ellie fun

Lucy has now discovered a new fun way to take a bath and it is actually very helpful for us as well. Apparently shower baths have a family tradition as Sean was very fond of these when he was little.

As you can tell Lucy doesn't want to turn the shower off until the last second possible.

And I couldn't post again without including pictures of little Ellie. She is now 3 months old and she is still a big ball of joy. She laughs and smiles a lot and everyone here loves holding her and talking to her. The only problem is they all assume she is a boy since she doesn't have hair. So I try to dress her in the girlest outfits I have every day.

As you can see she can also now grasp objects so toys are a lot of fun. She also has rolled over twice for me so I assume we will be on the move soon.


Playtime with Mr. Tumnus

I caught Lucy the other morning trying to escape to Narnia. What many adventures we have to look forward to in our new house!

Actually in reality she was playing with her imaginary friends which she now has at least two: Lollie and Ala.

House Tour

Some of you have been asking all about our house, so here is a video. It is a bit long, but includes lots of Lucy shots, so well worth your time.

Sorry for some of the camera movement, hope you don't get too dizzy.

Moving Day

Monday, the 2nd we began the big moving day. Everyone pitched in to help and because of that we were able to get everything settled fairly fast all though there is still much work to be done.

Like I said everyone helped, including Lucas and Noah whose jobs included picking up the outside trash, organizing Lucy's toys, and cleaning. They spent most of their time playing with Lucy and constructing a tree house to put in our mango tree in the backyard.

Cristina scrubbed down every surface of my house with lots of bleach!

Bob can fix anything which is wonderful when you have a house with many problems. We have kept him very busy over the past few days and he has significantly improved our living conditions.

This is what happens when you unpack all of your 14 bags of stuff. This looks like a mess but it actually is very organized chaos.

Jamie was on childcare all day. This is Lucy showing off her new bedroom.

The girls chilled out and relaxed which believe me is a BIG help.

This is our celebration meal last night when we all got to sit down for dinner on our new table with new plates. It has been at least since December 22nd that we have been able to enjoy a family dinner.

What is not pictured is me and Erin running all around La Ceiba buying things for the house. At one point it was pouring down rain and the streets were flooded, but don't worry we didn't slow down, we just put a plastic bag over Ellie in the bjorn and trecked on running from store to store while lugging all of our purchases with us. I think we provided entertainment for every Honduran in the city as they watch the crazy Grigas shopping in the rain.