Tippy Family

We had yet another goodbye this week when our dear friends, the Tippys, left to go back to the States for an uncertain amount of time. Thankfully we have stored all of their stuff at our house so we have hope that we will get to see them again some time in the future :)

We had a wonderful play date with Jude and Lucy Tippy while the parents were busy packing and cleaning.

Lunch time

Lunch time has become one of my favorite times as a family because typically we have been running hard all morning long and it is great to relax, eat lunch, and then of course there is always nap time to look forward too! It is especially fun on the days we get care packages because we always wait until after we eat to open them, all during lunch we talk and imagine about what is in the box.

This particular day we had fun talking to Aunt KK during lunch.

Lucy loved imaging she was at Maggie's birthday, we even sang happy birthday to her.


Ellie started rice cereal last week in desperation for us to get more sleep. Come to find out her sleep problems (waking up several times in the middle of the night) was not due to her hunger but to her 2 ear infections. But nevertheless she seems to enjoy the extra food.

For some reason latin american feels the need to add additional sugar to almost every food made. We can not stand to eat the ketchup here and even the milk seems to have extra sugar. All that to say I had a really hard time finding rice cereal without sugar. I had to go to a special American imports to find rice cereal without sugar. Craziness!

This is the life!

A Simple Life









Life with Ellie and Lu

Here is a video to give you a little glimpse into our household these days. Ellie as you can tell is such a joy. Someone described her well today when they said "she is so fat and happy". Her laugh in this video isn't the full out belly laugh which she usually gives but you get the picture.
Lucy is full of imaginary friends. She has at least 4 different ones and at least 1 speaks Spanish. It is great because this means she plays so independently which is a new stage for her. She has also reverted back to a lot of jabbering in her language which I think has something to do with the introduction of more Spanish. So if you don't understand what she is saying in this video it is because a lot of it is just jabber, some of it is in Spanish, and the rest is in English. Also something funny is every male taxi driver and random male workers (like at the grocery story) seem to all have the same name to her and that is Josue. Hilarious, yet pretty culturally insensitive.

More Sister Fun

Every day that Ellie gets older, Lucy becomes more interactive with her. It is very sweet to watch these two "play" together. Lucy still loves to hold Ellie, and helps take care of her by getting me the burb cloth, assisting in diaper changes, and getting toys to keep her entertained while I am cooking. Ellie loves watching Lucy and follows her all around the room while having the biggest grin on her face.

Here are the girls chillin with their daddy, their favorite man in the whole world.

Ellie got a new "ride" and Lucy is showing her how it works. Exersaucers here are impossible to find unless they are shipped from the States making them cost about twice as much. But they have walkers everywhere (I guess they just send all the ones down that are illegal from the States) and they cost only $15. So here we are in our new outlawed toy.

I am not so sure who is most excited about the toy, Lucy or Ellie.

In this picture Lucy is having a whole conversation with Ellie about what she did that day. You can see that Ellie is enthralled in her story.

Fun in the Sun

Although La Ceiba is on the coast, it doesn't exactly feel like you are at the beach because the water is so filthy in the city that you can not actually swim there. Also the weather is hot here but it not the sticky humid feel you have when you go to the beach in the states (or at least on the east coast). So all that to say after living here a month and a half I was determined to actually discover the beach. There is a neat place out of town that charges a dollar for you to spend the day and have access to their pool, bathrooms, and ocean front.

Lucy loved the pool!

And Ellie loved sun bathing

Look what's cooking

There is a cool used furniture store in our neighborhood and we went there the other day to buy a couple of items we still needed. Instead of coming home with a new dresser or desk, we ended up with this great find. Sean made the comment later that this is why people should not go shopping with their kids :)

It was filthy and covered with crayon so we first had to spend a good amount of time bleaching it. But Lucy didn't mind doing her share, the sooner it was clean the sooner she could play.

At last play time! We have had our fare share of pancakes, soup, and rice and beans the past few days.

Ode to Ellie

In light of Ellie's 4 month birthday I thought I would designate a blog entry telling you about her sweet personality and joyful heart. Ellie has been such a easy going and cheerful baby. Ellie was literally born into ministry and since day one of her life we have been moving full speed. This hasn't slowed her down one bit. I am learning that life in ministry, and specifically in missions, means you need to have super flexible children. Well so far Ellie is that way, she can sleep anywhere and any time, she loves being with others, and she takes all the pushes and shoves that comes her way from her older sister (usually none of them are intentional). Some days I feel like she spends 90% of it the Bjorn carrier and I never hear one fuss out of her. On Saturday, I spent all day out in the hot sun with her, ministering in Armenia Bonito, for a girl's pampering day, and she was able to rest in arms, play under a tree, and bring lots of joy to many of the young women out there. On Monday I spent all morning teaching a health class while she was sleeping in the Bjorn with me. You get the picture she is a great baby (although don't get me wrong just like any child she has her moments).

Ellie we love you and we are so thankful for the way you have opened doors for us to minister to many people. You are such a blessing in our lives!

The Beautiful Girls of Armenia

Last Saturday we had a girls day, it was such a wonderful day to pamper and serve these girls who live in Armenia Bonito. If you want to read more about this wonderful event you can read our ministry blog: www.mccannsinhonduras.wordpress.com

Here are some pictures of the beautiful girls we got to serve:

This is my other "mommy friend", Amanda Tippy who is holding her 7 month old sleeping in the sling while holding my (just as big if not bigger) 4 month old sleeping.