Today we say goodbye to another friend, Andy. We first met Andy in Costa Rica back in September and he has been working alongside and serving our team every since. Andy has lived with us the past 3 months or so and I know the girls will really miss having him around (as will I, he is a big help).

He served as the main entertainment for Lucy's 2nd Birthday in Costa Rica

He also was with us to welcome the birth of Ellie.

He is such a fun loving guy with a huge servant heart.

Jamie our other intern left at the beginning of May and now with Andy's departure it means that our 3 interns are now down to just 1, Josh who will stay with us until August. It is so bittersweet to see all the guys go because they add so much to our team as far as skill set but also energy and humor. Take care Andy we will all miss you very much.


Kentucky Fried Chicken that is. This is the place we love to go when we are missing "home". Don't get me wrong it is no Chick-fil-A but it has air conditioning, free internet (which is a plus because ours goes out all the time), a wonderful play area, and the best honey mustard in town.

We like to pretend that the Colonel himself, is Mac. So every time we walk into KFC, Lucy gives her greetings to Mac. It was such a treat for Lucy to be able to share her "pretend" Mac with the real Mac himself last week. And as you can see for yourself the resemblances are great!

In case you were wondering the navy van in the picture is our new van (McVan) which we purchased back in April. It is a 12 passenger van to help with the summer teams who are coming in 2 weeks!

Sweating Our Way Through Life

So it is hot here. Growing up in the South you would think I am used to heat, right? Well I have never quite experienced heat like this- the air is so still and with no air conditioning in our house it gets very toasty. So I thought I would have a little fun and share with you some things we have done around our house lately to cool off.

You might be hot if...

- Your hot water heater went out 4 days ago and instead of getting it fixed you rejoice.
- You fight over who gets to do the dishes after every meal for the opportunity to cool yourself off in the cold water while you wash.
- On average you take 3 showers a day.
- Your children beg for a diaper change for a chance to have a cold wipe on their bottoms.
- You wear shorts and tank tops and it still seems to be too many clothes.
- You go through 5 gallons of water every two days and you think every night that you are slightly dehydrated.
- Your $15 kiddy pool is the most used and all time favorite toy of both of your kids.
- A sheet on your bed seems to be too thick to sleep with.

You might not be able to tell because I am using a camera that is pretty bad quality but no our girls did not just get out of the shower in these pictures, thats just sweat pouring down their head.

On a serious note if you will please be praying for our sleep because between the earthquakes (okay just last night), teething, and most of all the heat we are all lacking in sleep.

Fun with Gannie and Mac

Gannie and Mac arrived into town Tuesday evening and it has been non-stop fun ever since. We took off and went to a nearby resort to avoid some of the crazy parties that are taking place in La Ceiba right now (this week is called Carnival, and it is very similar to Marti Gras).

We tried to stay cool in the pool.

The wind on the beach was pretty nice too.

Lucy enjoyed burying Gannie's feet in the sand over and over again.

Don't we all look so relaxed?!

As always it is such a blessing to have Gannie and Mac here and the girls are loving every minute of it. I was even told by Lucy the other morning "don't come outside with me"- meaning I am having special time with Gannie and Mac don't ruin it mom!

Singing in the Tub

Lucy loves to sing these days. Most of her songs are made up on the spot and consist of gibberish which is a mix between Spanish and English. But a times we can get her to sing actual songs. Because of our weekly Kids club attendance, Lucy is learning a lot of songs in Spanish. Here is her singing My God is so big in Spanish:

A Little Liam Love

I am back tracking in time now to last weekend when Liam came to visit. Amanda and Liam came to visit for a long weekend and we all enjoyed having some extended time with friends. Lucy and Liam loved to jump on the bed together.

Liam loves to give hugs and kisses and although Lucy didn't seem to enjoy all the extra attention very often, Ellie was just fine with it.

More Necy Fun

Necy brought lots of fun arts and crafts for her and Lucy to do while she was here. Lucy loves doing crafty things so she was thrilled to play with new things. One of the things Necy wanted to do is to build a fairy house. Lucy enjoyed finding rocks and sticks to go in the fairy house and every day she has to go outside and "check" on the fairy house.

She loves the fact that even the fairies have their own tea set since that is one of things she loves.

For Mother's Day we were treated to a special night in a resort hotel down the street. It was a great trip away and it was especially refreshing to spend the night in air conditioning!

We all loved the pool

Can't you tell?

So refreshing.

What a wonderful, special way to spend Mother's Day.

Necy in Honduras

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately but I really do have a good excuse. Things have been VERY busy around here with Sean preparing to leave and my mom arriving. Plus on top of all that both of our cameras right now are currently out of service. So here is a little glimpse into our life so far with Necy.

The joy of grandparents is spoiling, and Lucy has loved being spoiled this week with her new tricycle.

There is never a dull moment around here now that Lucy has a playmate 24/7.

And Ellie loves being held, especially right now as she is battling yet another bad cold and possible ear infection.

Necy brought a new tea party set and they have had too many tea parties to count.

All in all I would say the girls are pretty happy about Necy's visit.

Life in a Hammock

Yesterday we went out to the beach to try to have some time to relax. Sean left today for a 10 day trip to the States for training in disaster response and my mom flies in tomorrow to help me care for the girls. It was a great day to get away and spend some special day as a family.