9 Months Old

Today Ellie is 9 months old, I am sure I say this every month, but it is really hard for me to believe how fast she is growing up.

This is Ellie's favorite toy right now. And by the way KK I feel like she looks like you in this picture.

Having fun with Sarah at the park.

We bought a swing for her at the house and she hates it, she cries every time we put her in it. But apparently she loves swinging in someone's lap.

I love this sweet, little innocent face.

She has learned how to pull her own weight around here too and helps out when she can.

And just for fun, here is Ellie at 9 months...

and Lucy at 9 months...

River Fun

On Saturday we finally got a chance to take Sarah to her first trip up the River to go swimming. As always it was a great, refreshing day!

The girls did not want to swim to long because the water was pretty chilly. So we sat on the side and enjoyed our snack.

This is our last week with Josh, as he prepares to leave on Saturday. We are all very sad to see the last of "the intern" go.

Sean always enjoys finding new rocks to jump off of.

We are enjoying a couple of days of "down" time before our next team arrives on Friday.

Intern Sarah

We have had the best 2 weeks with Sarah being here to help out with the girls. It has been such a blessing to have more help for the summer, especially when our home church, Sovereign Grace, came and I was able to spend a lot more time serving and being with them.

The girls love her as a playmate and a friend. They have spent countless hours playing chapstick, babies, in the pool, cooking with the kitchen, and with blocks.

Sarah has her own blog while she is here, if you would like to see what it is like from her perspective day by day to be with the McCann girls.

This is Lucy's favorite game right now and that is to take care of her babies and to put them to sleep, Sarah happily plays along with her, never tiring of her monotonous playtime.

We have 2 more weeks to enjoy with her and we hope to make the most of that time. We are so thankful for the Lord's provision of Sarah to help us and serve us so that we can better serve our summer teams and the work in Armenia.

Day 3 in Mexico

Our day began once again with swimming for Lucy and Sean. Lucy has become quite the swimmer and now can do laps with her water wings on, and she is starting to get more comfortable with putting her head underwater.

The we walked around downtown a little. Puebla is known for being a historic town, it is very beautiful and the streets and stores seem very European.

Our ultimate destination was this huge Catholic Cathedral.

Then we ate lunch at this little cafe while watching all the traffic in the city square.

Lucy enjoyed her Burger King chicken nuggets while we enjoyed some spicy Mexican cuisine.

After naps we headed out again for some more shopping and headed once again to the restaurant we went the night before. The food was just too good and too cheap to not enjoy again before we left.

We are now back in La Ceiba after a long day of traveling yesterday. As with every vacation with small children, we now feel like we need a vacation from our vacation but hey that is how life goes right?!

Day 2 in Mexico

Well our morning began with a wonderful breakfast in our hotel, swimming for Lucy and Daddy, and nap time for me and Ellie. Then we headed out to explore a local mall. We found a Cinnabon and decided we needed a 10am sugar rush so we enjoyed our snack and chocolate milk (hey its vacation you can let your kids do what they want, right?)

Then we headed to the Walmart to do some shopping. In the States I hated Walmart it was so crowded and overwhelmingly big. Well when you haven't been to a big shopping center where you can find all your items in one place it feels so nice and convenient, we were able to get some things we needed to bring back with us to Ceiba.

After lunch in a local Mexican place we headed to the hotel for naps by all. Then it was time for another adventure...we went for a long walk up this huge hill to discover the tallest part of the city. Here is Ellie taking a break at a park at the top of the hill.

There was a beautiful cathedral at the top called Cathedral de Cielo (of the sky).

Then we explored the city more and found a fabulous taco place for dinner where we all ate for $9, grabbed some cheap ice cream for desert and headed home. A wonderful day in the city!

We Made It!

Our second attempt to leave the country to go to Mexico was a success (despite the fact that there were rumors all day of Zelaya trying once again to enter the country)! After 3 planes, and a 2 hour bus ride we finally made it to our destination Puebla, Mexico. It is beautiful here, and the highs are in the 70s so it is a great break from the heat.

Our first adventure was to find some food. We were thrilled to find the Chili's. Now I know all the locals were thinking...those stupid Gringos they came all the way to Mexico to eat American food. Little did they know it has been a long 7 months since we tasted one of mine and Sean's favorite restaurants.

We enjoyed stuffing ourselves with the bottomless chips.

We headed back to the hotel early since we had such a long day of traveling but despite being so tired, all the McCann girls enjoyed having a real bath that evening.

We are looking forward to touring around the city a little but we are really just thrilled to be here, to have a vacation away from La Ceiba, and enjoying the fresh air.

Serving in Armenia

Well I have had a wonderful week serving in Armenia Bonito (our primary place of ministry right now in Honduras). Our home church from Charlotte, NC has been here all week and it has been a great opportunity for me to show them Armenia and what our ministry is like here. I have also enjoyed having our second intern of the summer, Sarah (pictures soon to come I promise), to help me with the kids so that I have more freedom to go and come from Armenia. Here are some pictures of the girls and their friends.

And now we are off tomorrow to try our second attempt to leave the country to go to Mexico, so hopefully we will have some pictures of our vacation to share with you.

I Like to Move it Move it

This is Ellie's new trick as of last week.

Maternal Instinct

Lucy goes through stages where she loves playing with her baby dolls and right now she is loving feeding, changing diapers, and putting them to sleep. Some times I think she thinks Ellie is just a real life baby doll for her to play with, but no complaints I have loved the extra help. Today in the car I heard her saying to Ellie- "stay awake Ellie, Ellie keep your eyes open and stay awake" (because she knows I don't like for her to fall asleep in the car), she even proceeded to play peek-a-boo with her to keep her from falling asleep.

One night we were all sitting around the table and Ellie was looking at Lucy and mimicing her as she was chewing. Lucy said "say dada Ellie" (something we have been working on a lot) and Ellie said "dadadadada". Looks like we have a great teacher on our hands!

Lucy's favorite place to put her babies to sleep right now is in our bed so any given night when Sean and I are getting ready to bed we often find 3 or 4 babies hiding underneath our covers.

And then there are times when things like this happens...and you realize she is just a 2 year old having fun.

A Good Day gone Bad

Well our fun family vacation has been postponed, all the flights were canceled this morning because of Zelaya's attempted return back to Honduras (here's more information). So because we had to wake up at 4am this morning, in order to stand around for 4 hours to try to get on a flight, only to be sent on a bus for 3 hours to arrive at home, I thought we all deserved a silly sisters video.

Happy Independence Day

After saying goodbye to Erin on Friday we welcomed some friends into town to stay at our house for the evening. We loved seeing them again and catching up on life. Then this morning we hosted a 4th of July party (pictures to come hopefully) filled with lots of American stuff- watermelon, pickles, chips, and apple pie. And now we are off to Mexico (with Honduras in the state of political turmoil) to renew our visas.

We are looking forward to 70 degree weather where we will finally stop sweating so much each day.

Can you tell that we are in need of a vacation?....Mexico here we come!!

Guest Post by Intern Erin

For the past month I, Erin, have had the pleasure of living with the McCanns and basically invading their lives to hopefully help out with their girls so they can be freed to do ministry. We have had a ton of fun and I will miss them greatly when I leave on Friday. Here is my tribute to Sean, Lindsey, Lucy, and Ellie.

10 Things I’ve Learned about Life and Parenting in Honduras

1. It amazing how easy it can be to solve the problems of a crying baby. If only someone could solve my problems by sticking a sippy cup or toy in front of me.
2. We recently learned from a Honduran friend that one of the keys to successful cooking in Honduras is the blender.
3. Household and personal items such as cups, spoons, t.v. remotes and chapstick sometimes make the best toys.
4. Oscillating fans are a miracle product.
5. Potty training takes time, patience, lots of jellybeans, and a sense of humor. Potty training in Honduras means that bushes and roadsides are acceptable places to “go potty”.
6. If the government goes awry on a Sunday morning, church will probably be cancelled, but Pizza Hut will be open for business.
7. When in doubt, bring up Elmo.
8. The need for car seats, in some situations, is flexible.
9. Water wings are also a miracle product.
10. Being a parent is not easy, but totally worth it.

Here’s to a great month.