Water Child

Ellie absolutely adores water of any kind. Here she is enjoying her nightly bath time where she now enjoys standing in Lucy's old tub while sister showers beside her.

She has no fear in a swimming pool and even enjoys "jumping" off the side. We go swimming almost once a week so at this rate, we think she will be swimming on her own around 2.


Sean took this picture the other day..

..and it reminded me of this one 2 years ago.

House fun

We have been stuck in our house for the past few days due to a country wide curfew because of the political instability with ex-President Zelaya suddenly appearing again in the country. So here are a few things we came up with to entertain ourselves and keep sanity in the midst of the situation.

Lots of fun crafts.

Including our new/recycled crayons melted together in muffin tins.

Why not wash your car if you can't go any where in it?

And of course Lucy wanted to then wash her mode of transportation.

Yummy eating, I mean it is not every day that I have all day long to prepare dinner.

Funfetti cookies are always fun.

So thankfully today the curfew has been lifted and we will enjoy life as "normal" again- continuing our ministries, running errands, etc. But should the curfew resume I am going to send out a SOS to all fellow moms for some other good ideas of how to keep a almost 1 and 3 year old entertained all day because frankly I am out of ideas!

Big Sister/Little Sister

Watching my girls grow up as sisters is such a joy. As Ellie becomes more mobile, the girls are playing and interacting more together. However with this comes the good and the bad of course, and regularly do I hear screaming or tears because of conflict.

I had my older sister write her top 5 reasons why its great to be the big sis and I thought through my own perks of being the little sis. So here you have it, you can tell me your imput in which one you think gets the better deal :)

- The big sister doesn't have to wear hand-me-downs.
- The little Sister has freedom to do anything when she wants. (I got to drive a car by myself when I was 15.)

- The big sister gets to make your little sis jealous because you get to do more that her.
- The little sister gets babied.

- The big sister is able to trick little sis...like telling her that a penny is worth more than a quarter, so ya'll should switch (not that I tried that or anything).
- The little sister always has her big sister to blame things on.

- The big sister always gets the front seat.
- The little sister can quickly gain their parents trust, or at least the rules become slacker. I never had a curfew growing up.

-The big sister gets to defend the little sis from the big sis' friend. Only the big sis gets to make fun of the little sis...no one else!
- The little sister gets free access to all her big sis clothes and room when she goes off to college.

I love having a sister! And although growing up there were always bickering, comparison, and jealousy, she is now my closest friend who I admire, trust, and love. I pray that these girls would grow up to experience this great joy as well.

Ellie Video

We are learning that Ellie is not near as verbal as Lucy was at this age but she has a few clever tricks of her own. Here she is showing off her fun personality for you to all enjoy.

Girls Night Out Event

We had a fabulous time on Friday night taking the girls for a night out in the town. After a long car ride, due to traffic, filled with 10 girls all singing at the top of their lungs, we arrived at Pizza Hut.

Then it was back to our house for a game of pictionary.

As you can see it was a pretty intense game.

Then we attempted to try to teach them how to make hemp bracelets, while I shared my testimony with them.

We finished the night by taking them to get ice cream. I love this picture of all the girls gathered around picking out their favorite flavor.


Overall it was a great success and we all had a wonderful evening together.

Group pictures are really hard to capture sometimes.

Girls Night

Tomorrow night we are having a few girls from Armenia over to our house to play games, and eat Pizza and Ice cream. For these girls who live in the village, they very rarely get to come into "el centro" (the city) and never get to enjoy a night with just the girls. If you are a older girl in the household (which most of these girls are) then your responsibilities are many because often times they live in a single parent household, where the one parent has to work all day. Erin and I are thankful to treat these girls to a night where they have no responsibilities and can simply enjoy being a kid!

Here are some pictures of the girls coming tomorrow night:

In the green shirt is Alisia, one of 5 girls in her family. She is often times found roaming the streets of Armenia probably because of boredom. She is older and therefore very influential, we are praying that she would come to be a leader in her community.

Jacy is in the white shirt, she is younger and a little more timid. She comes from a family that is involved in the church and yet we are not sure where she is spiritually.

Laili, a 15 year old beauty, is in love with any new boy that comes into Armenia. She is also from a family who attends church and we are praying that she would come to know Christ and be a leader.

Alejandra, in the blue shirt, has two working parents, so her responsibilities during the day are many, including taking care of her younger brother who is 8 months.

Iris, in the green, is very similar. She has no father and her mother works, so she cares for her entire family including a 5 year old and a 2 year old. I rarely see her without a 2 year old on her hip.

Sadie, with the little boy in her lap, has come to lovingly be known as the girl with the attitude. She is very sassy and for what I can tell she seems to be the ring leader among the girls her age.

To her left is Nancy. She is the daughter of the mayor in town and therefore also highly respected by many.

To her left is Jessica, the older sister of Jacy. Jessica is usually having to care for her grandmother during the day. She loves to make fun of me and my Spanish and yet I know she does it in love.

Indira, the girl getting her hair washed in black, is the only girl among 2 boys in her house. She is tough, as you can imagine, and we are praying that the Lord would soften her to the gospel.

These are all the girls coming tomorrow night, other than Johanna, who is alone in her house all day and night with only an older working sister who is 26. She cares for her younger brothers, cooks and cleans the house all day long.

If you remember please pray for these precious girls tomorrow night. That they would have fun, that God would be glorified, and that as I share my testimony with them they would know what it means to really have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Haircut Time

This past week we took Lucy to get her second haircut in her life. She was really nervous about the whole experience. All day she kept saying "it won't hurt mommy" as if trying to reassure herself.

Here she is looking a little nervous about the first cut, notice the holding hands with daddy.

As soon as she realized this wasn't really a big deal at all she enjoyed driving the car.

I was very pleased with how it turned out (much better than our last experience) her curls are all still there, they are just a little more tamed now.

Pretty Girls in Pretty Dresses

When your girls are all dressed alike and it is a beautiful Sunday day, what is better than a little photo fun.