The Ballerina Story continued

We have ballet class twice a week so Lucy has thankfully gotten adjusted very fast. Here is her whole class, with her sweet teacher Mariana.

She really is doing well learning all the moves and for the most part listening and obeying to the teacher.

As you can see we now have a happy ballerina.

Here is a short clip for the grandparents and aunts who are interested of her being big and small:


One of my Honduran friends opened a new ballet school this year and so we wanted to put Lucy in a class to see how she would do. However, with the cost we were planning on waiting until the fall and gifting it to her for her birthday. I got a call last night from my friend saying she would love for Lucy to join her class and all expenses were paid. What a blessing!

Now for those of you who don't know Lucy, she is super shy and introverted, so I knew this would be a stretch. The first 30 minutes she spent the whole time pouting around (as you can see from the video) but the last 30 minutes she started to get a little more comfortable. So we are praying for boldness and confidence. Now we just need to find this girl some appropriate ballerina gear :)

Daddy's girls

Our girls love their daddy! Right now we are in the midst of summer teams, which is out busiest season of the year, therefore, Sean is gone most of the day working. This has made our daddy time all the more sweeter and enjoyable for the girls. Here is just a glimpse of why daddy is so fun:

Another Girl to Add to the Bunch

There is going to be a lot of hormones and lots of drama in this household but we are thankful for another healthy girl to add to our family in the Fall.