Aunt Curly

We had a great visit with Aunt Curly earlier this week and Anna loved getting to meet her.

She nicknamed Anna "pumpkin spice" which I think is very fitting both to her personality and to her hair color.

The girls kept her busy playing with her and competing for her attention. We love you Aunt Curly come back and visit soon.

And yes for all those who are wondering this is where my girls get their curls from.

Recent happenings

So what have you been up to you might ask that you have been so busy you have ignored the blog? Well here are just a few fun things we have been doing the past month:

Preparing our home. We have all the major stuff bought and the boxes unpacked but there are still many projects to do around the house. As you can tell we have some great helpers. Every Saturday we have been able to go Garage Sale hoping and have found some great finds.

Riding boats. You gotta find some ways to stay cool in the summer.

Playing in sprinklers in the back yard.

Cuddling with Grandparents, we are making up for some lost time here people.

Entertaining. This picture is from our young adult cookout at our house last weekend.

Hosting friends and Reconnecting. The Tippys, who we got to know in Honduras, came to visit us for a week. It was so much fun to have them in our home and show them a little piece of the South.

Play dates with friends. These are some of the first friends our girls made but sadly they are fellow missionaries and are preparing to leave for the field soon, making our time with them very short.


Well its been over a month since I blogged so heres my attempt to catch up a bit, even though I am not even sure I have any faithful blog followers after that long sabbatical.

We had the joy of spending some time with our beloved friends, The Hunts, while they were here in the US on furlow in May. It was so good to see them and to be able to vacation with them at Edisto Island.

Anna Hunt McCann, getting some love from her name sake and Foard.

As with always with the Hunts, we enjoyed eating well in our short time together.

The big kids loved playing together and could spend all day on the beach.

This is Foard muscle face and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

4 curly headed children all eating breakfast.

And a group shot!

It was great to be able to debrief a lot of my time in Honduras with a fellow missionary friend. We miss you Hunts and love you dearly.