3 year old Ellie

Today we celebrate the last of our birthday girls. It was a little bit of a chaotic day, considering it was Sunday and Sundays are always hard. But we made sure to have a special moment in the morning and some yummy cinnamon rolls.

We love you Ellie Belly. You are a passionate little girl, who typically dances and jumps through life (literally!).

Happy Birthday Lucy

Today my big girl is 5! We woke her up this morning at 8:15 singing Happy Birthday, and she responded by moaning and going back to sleep, apparently once you hit 5 you like to sleep in :) We started the morning with birthday pancakes, then we went to a park for lunch, and by her request will order pizza tonight with cake of course.

Lucy we love watching you grow up and mature. You have such a mothering heart, loving and caring for not only your sisters but those closest around you. You love learning and are full of questions about this world. Although still timid at times, you are coming comfortable with who God made you and becoming more confident and bold. We love you sweet girl.

Anna Girl 1 year ago

Its amazing how much a baby changes in the 1st year of life! And yet time flies by so quickly, I look at these pictures and can not believe that this was a year ago.

Honestly this year has been a blur, moving from overseas back to the US, and you being a 3rd child are just some of the reasons :) But through it all you have shown how flexible and easy going you are.

Your sisters love you very much and take good care of you, always wanting to feed you and carry you around (as you can imagine this sometimes causes you to get hurt). You also love your sisters and enjoy most of all going into their room and waking them up in the mornings or after their naps.

You have so much personality, your dad and I think more than the other girls had at this age. You are very friendly and sociable with others. And as I have said before, you are into EVERYTHING, so curious and a little troublemaker. You have brought so much joy to our lives this past year.

We love you Anna girl, Happy 1st Birthday!

5, 3 and 1

I can't believe how big our girls are getting. Friday, the 21st, is the first of the birthday celebrations and our whole household is filled with excitement. What joy these little girls bring to our life.

Go Dawgs

We got all dressed up today in our GA gear to cheer on the bulldogs.

I think these two look so much alike.

The pumpkins were grown and personalized by my parents.

Its great

to be

a Georgia Bulldog.

Spaghetti Night

So here's what happens when you feed an 11 month old a plate of spaghetti:




Birthday Season

Oh October how I love thee! I love the cool crisp mornings, pumpkin lattes, trees beginning to change and turn vibrant colors, long sleeve shirts and jeans, and most of all the celebration of my 3 little girls birthdays! I really think I enjoy the month of October more than any other holiday combined.

We wanted to start the tradition this year of getting one big McCann girl birthday gift and so we thought what could be better than a play set. We started doing all the research when I randomly started talking with one of my neighbors about it all. Turns out she knew someone in the neighborhood that had children all grown and was looking for a "good home" for theirs. Long story short but these generous neighbors ended up giving us this play set for free and doing all the labor involved in moving it. What a blessing!

As you can see we are all loving it, even mom who can enjoy a pumpkin latte and a book in the cool weather as she watches her kids have fun for hours.