The Littlest

Mary Neal also enjoyed the birthday celebrations because for her it meant extra love time with lots of family.  She especially enjoyed meeting her Aunt KK and having lots of cuddle time with her.

Sisters are so anxious to get their hands on you and want to hold you every chance they get.  Although one might notice there is not a picture of Anna holding Mary Neal, because if I took my eyes off of her to go grab my camera the baby might be smothered to death. Anna is pretty much obsessed with "Baby Mary Neal" as she calls you, wanting to know where you are at all times and always wanting to be right beside you touching you in some way :)

It is fun this time around to see Ellie as a big sister, she is extra gentle with you and loves to comfort you when you are upset or crying.

Although crying is not something you do often Mary Neal.  In general you are such a easy going, content, and peaceful baby.   You sleep beautifully all swaddled up and at nights go about 6-7 hours without waking.  You eat like a champ and also have learned to eat fast, which is great help when there are 3 other kids running around needing attention.

I love this picture because Ellie put on daddy's hat to make you smile, and the other day she made crazy faces at you to try to make you laugh.  Oh how you will grow up being entertained MN.

Speaking of smiles, you are giving them out freely these days although they are hard to catch on camera.  You are also beginning to coo a little bit, I love your sweet noises.

Sweet Mary Neal you are growing up fast and changing so much already which makes me a little teary, but I know these 3 girls are very much looking forward to having you in the midst of all their craziness.


Anonymous said...

I'm ready to hold that sweet thing again!

Melissa said...

The shot of her looking up at Sean is sweet. What a precious face! I wish I could kiss those cheeks.