Preparing for Christmas

Last weekend we bundled up with smiles on our faces and headed out to look for a Christmas tree. 

The girls loved running around and looking at all the trees, trying to decide which on was that tallest and fattest.

After a while the girls got tired and just started playing hide and seek in the trees.

Then it was back to the house where we put on our Christmas pjs and began decorating. 

  I love getting all the ornaments out each year and thinking back through all the different people who have given us these ornaments and been apart of our lives. 

This picture just makes me laugh, can you guess where 95% of all the ornaments landed on our tree.

 The finished product.

 Then we sat back and enjoyed some hot chocolate while we admired all our hard work.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE all of these! MN's smile is killing me.