The Reverend

So what can I say blogging just isn't my strong suit. With 3 kids and the busyness of daily life, most days I am simply in "survival" mode, of getting to where we need to be on time and dressed and ready. We haven't had winter in 3 years because of living overseas, and while I am enjoying the change of season (especially this winter since it is so mild), I have to say hats off to Melissa Hunt and the others of you who live in colder places, because getting 3 children dressed in coats, stockings, gloves/hats, and out the door is a huge success. Okay now I am just rambling.

The biggest thing that this January has held was the official ordination service of my dear husband. He has studied for several months now and passed all of his exams back in November, and it was such a joy to have such a special service held as he officially begins his career in ministry as a teaching elder. I am so proud of him and all that he was able to accomplish through the grace of the Lord. There were many people there taking pictures with much fancier camera than these but since I haven't gotten them yet, I will share what I have.

Both of our parents were able to be apart of the service, as well as my sister and her daughter.

The little ladies of the weekend.

Our attempt at a family photo.

Many of the men in Sean's life that have encouraged and challenged him in ministry.

And the Reverend himself. I teared up at many points during the service, when 30+ men laid hands on him in prayer, during words of encouragement from fellow pastors, and at the end when he gave the benediction.

I love you Sean, and I am blessed to walk along side of you in your call to the ministry.

Christmas Part 2

We left on Christmas evening for my parents house to continue the fun. I got to love on my little niece, who is as precious as she looks here and such a peaceful and easygoing baby.

The girls were pretty excited about some grandparent love too as you can see.

I love this picture!

Its fun to wear matching pjs on Christmas morning.

Grace Anne and Anna began their bonding, they were great friends until Grace Anne sat in her daddy's lap. This picture is taken just before Anna begins to pinch GA to get her to move.

Anna developed a special bond with Necy and would follow her all over the house and shower her with hugs.

This picture is so James Bond. Lucy played bad guys with Caleb but made sure to have her gun in one hand and lip gloss in the other.

Necy in her kitchen with all her grand babies.