Our Girls at Birth

I think our girls look so different from each other now that they have grown, and yet when you look at these pictures from their first few days of life you see they have many similarities.

Mary Neal




Our Little Girl

I have loved having this special time in the hospital right now to bond with this little girl.  And although I am SO ready to go home, I know that with that comes the craziness of 4 kids so here are some fun things I want to remember about your first few days of life Mary Neal.

Your nicknames so far are: M&M (one that I hope stays with you for the rest of your life), Peanut (because you are the size of a peanut m&m), and Anna (whoops thats not a nickname thats just what we call you like 10 times a day).

 I think out of all our kids you resemble Lucy the most. You are such a content baby and easy to soothe.  You nurse like a champ.  And you have the funniest cry which is a high pitch squeal which seems to resemble the sound of a goat.

You haven't really opened up your eyes yet I think you are content to think you are still inside my womb.  You have the sweetest little chin and your ears are all squished up and folded over from being inside of me.

We are in love with you little one and so happy you are apart of our family.

Welcome Mary Neal Bryan McCann

Yesterday at 6:01 PM, Lindsey gave birth to our fourth daughter, Mary Neal Bryan McCann. After 48 hours in the hospital for preeclampsia, the doctors finally gave us the green light for surgery. Mary Neal came into the world weighing 9 lbs 8 ounces, 20 1/4 inches. Lindsey has recovered very well and Mary Neal is eating and sleeping like a champ.


 Like all our girls, Mary Neal's name has great significance. For years Lindsey has been impacted by the simple faith of the young mother Mary in the Bible. Mary showed great obedience as she faithfully received the news from the angel about the coming birth of Jesus. This truth was driven home to us when our pastor preached on Luke 2:19. As the shepherds and the angels came to see the newborn Jesus and told of the sayings they had heard, Mary responded by "treasuring up all these things, pondering them in her heart." We hope that Mary Neal will model this same simple faith as she treasures up the hope of the gospel in her heart.


 Neal and Bryan are the maiden names of both of her grandmothers. We hope all of our children remember those who have gone before them, and it is a reminder to us all of the great importance of family. We are honored and blessed to have such loving and supportive families.


 One final note on having four girls. Folks love to make jokes about how we are in trouble and I am all alone and how we have to save for so many weddings, etc. These jokes are harmless, yet behind all jokes is some level of truth. As a father I just want to say what an amazing privilege, responsibility, and joy it is to have these four little girls. I could not imagine or want a different family. I get to be the first man to love each of them, the first man to take them on a date, and the man to hopefully walk them down the aisle. It is a special and awesome calling that Lindsey and I have been blessed with, and we look forward with eager anticipation to the journey ahead.


We love you Mary Neal! Love Dad, Mom, Lucy, Ellie, and Anna.