Halloween Flashback

One of the fun parts of having a one year old is that we get to celebrate holidays with her a second time, and of course that means more pictures. Here are some fun comparisons of our life one year ago and our life today.

Lucy with pumpkins...



Our family all together...

...then (Lins told me to delete this picture, but I never did.)

...now. A little explanation may be needed. Lins (the one on the left, in case you're fooled by the costumes) is a bag of Jelly Belly's, Lucy is a Ladybug, and Sean is Jim from NBC's The Office (Jim, a paper salesman, dressed as paper for Halloween. You see there is plain white Jim, then there is three-hole punched Jim, thus the 3 black dots. Only funny if you watch the show, sorry).

And lastly the Jack-O-Lanterns...

...then (a stork carrying a baby).

...now (a ladybug).

Pumpkin Carving

We here in the McCann family love to carve pumpkins, and since Lucy missed the event last year, we had to show her the ropes this year.

Dad handeled the gutting while Lucy examined the top. She seemed to like the slimy texture and taste.

Here we are deciding where to make the first cut.

Lucy kept a sharp watch as we sliced and diced together.

In honor of Lucy's costume this year, we decided to try to carve a Ladybug into the pumpkin. If you look closely you'll see the head and eyes towards to bottom, and the wings with the spots above. We'll have a better picture tomorrow when the Jack-O-Lantern comes to life.

Lucy can't wait to light it up.

Stay tuned for more Ladybugs, the costume returns tomorrow night.

Lucy's Party

On Saturday we had a birthday party for Lucy with all of her friends here in Charlotte. Since it was so close to Halloween most of the kids decided to wear a costume which made the pictures even better.

Here is everyone at the party enjoying chili.

Maggie (the duck) hanging out with Lu.

Gannie and Mac got to come down for the party which was a great help and Lucy of course loved spending time with her grandparents.

Joy and Elizabeth (also a duck). Elizabeth and Lucy were born 4 days apart so it has been a fun year watching these two girls grow up together.

Sam is hot stuff don't you think?!

Finally it is cake time!

As you can see Lucy is well experienced with this whole sugar thing by now.

The whole clan:

Kate and Emma Claire, Lucy, Bennett and Celia, Sam, Graham, Maggie, and Elizabeth. (Not pictured: Jackson and Kathleen). Wow what a blessing it is for Lucy to have so many friends around her here in Charlotte!

Today I am One!!

Today is Lucy's birthday. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since she has been born and yet it is amazing how much she has changed and grown in such a short time. Here are some pictures of some fun ways we celebrated today.

Lucy loved reading her birthday cards.

Ameila, Lucy's friend, came over and played and they had a tea party with the tea set Aunt KK gave Lucy.

We went to lunch at Chick-fil-A where Lucy got ice cream for desert (sorry there is no picture) Then afterwards we went to Petland and played with all the animals. I believe Lucy was kind of overwhelmed by it all but nevertheless she had fun.

Happy Birthday Lucy. We love you.

Birthday Pictures

Lucy's birthday theme as you can tell was lady bugs. Here she is with her Great Aunt Beth and Cousin Savannah.

Opening presents.

Playing with her new toys.

Birthday kiss.

Admiring her new baby doll with Dad.

Please take note of the hairbow in her head. Finally my little girl is getting enough hair to be girly.

Lucy and her 1st Birthday Cake

Lucy's 1st birthday is on Wednesday, the 24th. Last weekend we celebrated with our family in Atlanta and here is a video of her first experience with cake. As you can see at first she doesn't know quite what to do with it but soon enough she gets the picture. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned to many more birthday photos and videos coming up in the next week.

My Girls

Sean here, I just had to post these pictures of my beautiful girls.

Just cannot get enough.

Last Week

Last week Sean traveled to Monterey, Mexico for a church planting leadership retreat and Lucy and I traveled to Birmingham to visit my sister. Here are so fun pictures of both to give you a glimpse of what our week was like.

Lucy is saying...please dad can I go with you. I won't be any trouble I promise.

Mike our teammate on the left and Mark our team leader in Honduras on the right. Sean's two body guards while in Mexico.

Lucy had so much fun playing with Caleb.

For Lucy's 1st birthday she got her pictures taken in the Botanical Gardens, here are some fun shots my mom took.

Pumpkin Fields

On Saturday we took a family outing to Weddington, which is basically some fields south of Charlotte. We found a farm with some pumpkins, and had Lucy help us pick one out.

With Lucy surrounded by pumpkins, she had a bit of a sensory overload. But she soon recovered and starting calling out "Ball" to all the thousands of orange balls.

She had her hands on a couple, but they were too small.

On our way to find bigger pumpkins, or balls, we came across this hay ride.

Now we're talking. Lucy is clapping for the bigger pumpkins.

"These look about right, can we get both?"

All hail conqueror Lucy, Queen of the pumpkin patch.

Here we are heading home, pumpkin in tow, with a pooped out Lucy.

Coming Soon, Lucy's first carved pumpkin!

Lucy at Wallden Pond

Lucy and I took a day trip down to Appling and got some fun pictures of Lucy in all the pretty flowers.