More Beach Fun

Here are some more pictures of the beach last weekend. They are not the greatest pictures but I thought I would make up from the lack of blogging lately. We are heading towards the end of our semester (only 3 more weeks left) and therefore things are kicking into high gear. We are having to prepare lots more presentations, bible studies, and our time studying is increasing due to the increase of grammar. Therefore we haven't had a lot of time to just take some cute photos- so all you Lucy lovers out there hopefully this will hold you over until at least next weekend comes when we go away to the beach again.

This picture demonstrates some of Lucy's favorite things right now- hats, pools, elephants (not sure what her obsession is but she loves them!), and of course her daddy.

The classic family shot at the beach where everyone looks hot and tired.

La Playa (The Beach)

This past weekend we got to take a trip to the Carribean. It was a beautiful beach and it was so neat to see the purity of the land. There were monkeys and sloths just feet away from the beach and you would look all the way down the coast without a condo or boat in sight. It was such a great experience for us, we love seeing different parts of this beautiful country we live in.

Lucy's buddy Will came on the trip as well and they enjoyed sunning on the beach together.

Lucy loved swimming in the ocean and the pool. But it was also fun just to chill on the side and watch daddy play in the water.

This is what we call Lucy's "ocean face". Lucy would freeze as soon as you got on the beach. She was scared of the water and the waves when walking on the beach but once she got it she loved it.

Sweet cuddle time with mommy while walking on the beach.

Pals, Pigtails, and Potties

Meet Will, Lucy's best friend here in Costa Rica. You might remember from the bath video a couple of weeks ago that Lucy loves to talk about Will. Will and her are in the same class at school and they just absolutely love playing with one another, and talking to each other (mostly in Spanish). Lucy is actually 3 months older than Will but you will notice in this picture how he looks like a giant in comparison to her :)

We are going to the beach this weekend with Will's family so I am sure there will be plenty more pictures to come of Lucy and Will together.

I thought the day would never come when I could put my daughter's hair in pigtails.

Check out her outfit (especially her socks) in this picture, Lucy is in the stage where she loves accessories (hats, socks, necklaces, etc.) and she loves to pick out what to wear each morning so this is what you end up with.

Although the pigtails did not last long, Lucy was quite pleased with the way they looked.

Last but not least we have had two successful nights of Lucy using the bathroom before bath time. Although Lucy is very young she has been showing signs that she is ready for potty training so we went out and bought her a potty two weekends ago. So far it seems to be a big success but we will see how it will continue. I would love to just have one little one in diapers by the time Tica comes along!

More 4th of July Fun

For our 4th of July we went to a party that the Embassy threw. It was a blast! It cost $4 to enter and then every thing was "free"- all you could eat food, games, and entertainment.

Mine and Lucy's favorite part was the free TCBY ice cream, we had at least two servings.

Lucy got a tattoo which she throughly enjoyed and wanted to show it to everyone she saw.

After the party we came home and rested and then went over to some friends house for more celebration. Lucy had fun with Baby Ashley, don't they look cute all decked out for the 4th?!

We enjoyed our American spread- grilled hamburger and hotdogs, deviled eggs, watermelon, coleslaw, chips and even french onion dip (specially sent from the states). It was a wonderful night and despite the fact that we had no water (for a total of 83 hours) we could have thought we were in America.

Summer Time

Unlike the States, there is really no summer here in Costa Rica. Actually it is pretty much the same weather year round there are just two seasons: rainy and dry. The weather here is actually really nice varying from temperatures from 50-85 degrees. This particular Saturday was a hot day so we decided to set up the pool and let Lucy have a little fun.

She was a little tentative with the pool at first but eventually she warmed up to the idea and was very excited to get in.

Due to the fact that we have no backyard or front yard, the pool is set up on our porch. It was a little weird having Lucy outside in her diaper for the whole world to see but hey it made us closer with our neighbors because who doesn't like to see a cute girl playing in the pool.

Lucy asks about the pool pretty much every day so I am sure there will be more pictures to come of more fun times outside.


Happy Birthday Aunt KK!

So if you are wondering what this is on top of Lucy's head you probably have guessed right. Lucy loves helping out with laundry each day and this is part of it, since she loves wearing hats lately.

Now you are probably asking what does this have to do with Aunt KK's birthday? Well lately I have been thinking about the idea of having two girls and I have had some great memories of silly things me and my sister did growing up. I can't wait for Lucy to be able to experience this with her little sis. So Aunt KK we love you and heres to you on this special day. Hope it is filled with much love and laughter (much like this picture).