Travel Update

Does this look like Honduras?

Or this?

Look at those leaves!

And those mountains.

And check out our little girl in jeans.

We are enjoying vacation time with our families in the NC mountains and it is wonderful. More pictures to come of fun time with cousins, yummy eating, beautiful scenery, reading with grandparents, and of course birthday celebrations.

It's Birthday Time

We enjoyed celebrating early last week with all our friends our girls birthdays.

I made a rainbow cake, since rainbows are currently one of Lucy's favorite things.

It was special to celebrate the girl's birthdays together.

Here is the group all enjoying the yummy cake.

Els wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake but I am sure she will get the hang of it before birthday season is over.

Pumpkin Time

My sweet husband found me a pumpkin in the country of Honduras and I couldn't have been more thrilled.

You shouldn't let your children play with knives.

Lucy and Sean perfecting the design.

Fun times.

Getting the puree out.

To celebrate Honduras going to the world cup for the first time in 26 years we carved the Honduras flag.

A Glimpse into Our Family's Tuesday

Tuesday is a fun day at the McCann household, probably one of our favorites all week. On Tuesday morning we set aside some family time and enjoy doing something together- going to the park, swimming at the pool, having a treat at Dunkin get the picture. Then on Tuesday afternoon is kid's club out in Armenia Bonito. For 2 hours we play games, share a interactive Bible story, and make a craft with kids of all ages. These kids look forward to this time each week.

I like this picture because its as if Sean and I are saying "you okay..okay good, you are doing great.. keep it up". Which we don't say to each other honestly because there is no time to breath when you are entertaining 40+ kids.

Walter is a great helper, he is really too old to enjoy kids club, but he always comes around, so I usually put him in charge of taking care of Ellie.

All the kids have learned the key to Lucy's heart- candy and chips, so now they come prepared each week.

Sean prepares everything for kid club and does such a great job reaching these kids hearts. Its not a small task, think about trying to put on a VBS every week.

I am just his helpmate as needed. Here I am helping out a little boy who is mentally handicapped, color a picture. I think it is funny that I am 27 years old, have 2 children, and still stick out my tongue when coloring.

We leave sugar high, sweaty, exhausted, and looking forward to our next time together with these kids.

Another Night on the Town

Last night we had another girl's night for some of the girls we are ministering to in Armenia. It was similar to the one we did last month, we took the girls to Pizza Hut, my house for games and desert, and I shared my testimony with them. This group of girls were a little more of a handful than the last but lots of fun and lots of energy. We hope to make this a monthly tradition.

For the Love of Fall

I have Fall envy. Sean and I love the fall- football games, pumpkins, leaves turning, long sleeve shirts, camping, sleeping with windows open, jeans, apples...and I am sure I could go on. Our dating relationship even began in the fall so we look back and have such great memories of this time of the year. All that to say, every year as fall approaches and I read blogs seeing children all dressed cute in the pumpkin patches, watch football games on tv, and imagine the cool air and beautiful scenery, and I get homesick.
But as I look back at our pictures this last week I am reminded of all the things to be thankful for in our never ending summer :)

Sunsets by the Beach.

Sand in your toes.

And of course Watermelon.

Hand-me Downs







Do you think Lucy, Ellie, or neither look like me?

Roatan Island

We just returned from a long weekend away, with our teammates for a team retreat. It was a wonderful opportunity to get away, relax, join in fellowship, and enjoy Honduras beauty.

The crystal blue water was so pretty and Lucy loved the beach because of the lack of waves.

Ellie was pretty happy about it too.

Sean enjoyed some snorkeling while there and saw lots of pretty fish.

Ellie experimented with the sand and had a love/hate relationship with it.

We ate well while we were there, and enjoyed getting to enjoy some cultural food like Mexican and Thai that La Ceiba does not have.

This was the view from the house we stayed, not bad huh?!

We all enjoyed moments of being cold, due to the air conditioning in the house.

Now we all feel refreshed and ready for the next few weeks ahead.

Independent Lucy

Many of our friends here have commented lately that Lucy has really become independent lately and I have to agree. She has started to come out of her shell and really show a lot of initiative and bravery. She is not afraid to approach any kid at the playground and ask them to be her friend, even in her broken Spanish.

She still loves those babies and now is a found user of the sling to transport her babies from one place to another.

This is a bad picture but I had to post it anyways. The "old Lucy" would not have even tried to do this about a month ago. But after watching the kids jump for 10 minutes she decided she wanted to have a part in the fun. It was amazing to us considering there were about 8 other kids in there all about 8-10 years old.