One and a Half

I can't believe that Ellie is already 18 months, she is growing and changing faster than ever and it is so fun to watch. She is becoming a beautiful little girl, and growing out of the baby stage, and her personality is beginning to shine.

Her speech is starting to come along, some of her new words are: night, baby, ball, juice, shoes, more, Lucy (ecie), mono (her stuffed monkey), Elmo, and cookie. Even though her words are not many, she understands very well and loves answering questions with either shaking her head or saying "auhaum".

Her favorite things are her big sister, singing the itsy bitsy spider, reading books, shoes, coloring, outside, playing with dirt or water (or both at the same time), her mono and pacifier, running and playing chase, and going for walks.

She seems to be very adventuresome and very independent. She is always filthy, due to her love of dirt and the sweat caused by the heat.

We love you Ellie and we love watching you grow up.

Big Shoes to Fill

The shirt has now been passed down to the little sister, and along with some good training from Lucy, I am sure she will be ready by November 1st to fill those shoes.

Birmingham 2010- The Day in which we Celebrate Caleb

See this little cutie, this is my nephew who turned 4 the day after we left Birmingham. Thankfully he was willing to celebrate his birthday a little early so that we could be apart of it.

So what is every 4 year old's dream? To visit the Vulcan, of course and oh yeah a firetruck cake.

It was a beautiful day which we all enjoyed playing in the sun with our balloons.

Until we lost them all within the first 5 minutes.

Here we are with the Vulcan himself.

Happy Birthday C-man, I hope you have many fun adventures being 4.

That night we enjoyed our last big American meal at Ruth Chris. Only I had a virus and therefore enjoyed resting in bed while someone else took care of my children.

I have many more pictures and video of our adventures in Birmingham which I will hopefully post later. But as you can see it was a wonderful time spent with family.

Birmingham 2010- In Our Sunday Best

It was such a blessing to be able to worship at Covenant Presbyterian on Sunday morning, I always tear up when I get to worship in a big community in my heart language.

Here are our fine looking bunch of children.

After church we went to my cousins house, where there were about 30 people all gathered for a wonderful feast and fellowship.

Here is the kid's table, there were about 8 kids under the age of 8, and lots of older girls to "babysit" so it was a blast for Lucy.

The big kids then went to a blackberry farm with Dabo to help him do a little research on how to grow big juicy blackberries.

As you can see they were just along for the ride.

Our pretty big girl.


Birmingham 2010- My Birthday

Day 2 of our trip to the States was my birthday, I know I planned that pretty well huh?!

My birthday began by breakfast in bed provided by my sweet husband and kids.

Breakfast was none other than a Chick-fil-A breakfast biscuit. Yummy!

Then I got to wear the birthday crown, a tradition in the Flores household, while I opened my gifts.

After the gifts, we headed to my parents hotel for a little swimming. Ellie loved the warm indoor pool.

Dinner with my love, and the rest of my family, at PF Changs. I ate my heart out on lettuce wraps.

And Yogurt Mountain for desert. This place was amazing! I love soft served yogurt and there was about 15 different flavors to choose from and then about 100 different options of toppings from cereal, to brownies, to marshmallows. Seriously amazing.

This was Lucy's little girl dream come true of yogurt, everything rainbow and colorful all in one.

We all enjoyed our yummy ice cream on a cool crisp night. A fun birthday indeed!

Birmingham 2010

Last week it was time for us to renew our visas again, so we headed to Birmingham AL to visit my sister and family and thankfully my parents came down to visit as well. It was such a fun trip, that was packed full of stuff.

The first thing was seeing Caleb sing in his Spring School Program. I felt so proud seeing my cute little nephew up there sing, dance, and play the best imaginary guitar solo ever. It was glimpse of what life could be like as a "normal" aunt, its the simple moments like this that I miss being in the States for and loving and supporting family.

Ellie felt the need to sing and dance along with the big kids.

Lucy loved seeing Caleb's school and we were invited afterwards to his classroom to view his art projects. Lucy thought Caleb's school was the coolest ever, considering her school here in Honduras isn't quite up to these standards.

They loved sitting at the desks, eating cookies, and meeting all of Caleb's friends.

After nap time we headed out for family pictures in the classic white shirt, and jean combination. Usually family pictures are a very big ordeal but the kids took it in stride and loved showing off and being pretty for the pictures, making it a very pleasant experience.

Then it was off to the Super Target. What trip to the States would be complete without a big shopping trip, spending lots of money on all the American consumerism stuff you miss out on!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the week to come.

Easter Egg Hunt

We had our 2nd annual Honduras Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. This was the crew this year, Big Luci, Susanna, Ellie, Lucy, Abner Daniel, and not picture baby Kendra.

Our tradition begins with dying easter eggs.

Then the Daddies hide the eggs while we try to keep the very excited children entertained. Ellie didn't really know what to think, the first egg she found was hidden in a pair of shoes. She threw the egg to the side and started playing with the shoes. Oh well at least she had fun.

Lucy on the other hand was a pro at finding the eggs and wanted to keep finding more.

All the kids showing off their loot and quickly eating the chocolate out of the plastic eggs before they completely melted.

And what would any Honduran party be without swimming involved. While the kids swam, the adults enjoyed the fruit of their labor with yummy egg salad sandwiches.

Easter Week

This past week we enjoyed some lazy mornings, where we all stay in our pjs until around 10. On this particular morning Lucy was pretending that Ellie was her baby.

We made some homemade popsicles and all got very messy trying to eat them.

We enjoyed making our Easter mountain again this year and Ellie especially enjoyed decorating it.

We had some fun evenings with friends, this little boy is our neighbor and one of the girls favorite playmates. Lucy enjoyed baking easter cup cakes and as you can see we all enjoyed consuming them.

And last but not least we enjoyed dying easter eggs.