Jumping Rope in Armenia

Every week before Kid Club we play with the kids on the soccer field. Our girls have always loved watching the big girls jump rope. Here they are trying to join in on the fun.

Sorry for obnoxiously yelling in Spanish in the background, I am not used to taking videos :)

A Year of School

Lucy had her official last day of school yesterday, and to celebrate they all went to Pizza Hut. Overall she had a good year, made some fun friends, and improved on her letter writing and recognition. I hope to work with her this summer on some areas where I feel like she needs to advance in. She is excited about having school at home and her mom as her teacher, but we will see if that excitement continues.

It is amazing how much they grow in such a short time, here is Lucy on her first day of school in August.

And her last day of school, yesterday.

Food for Teams

In 3 days Jamie, one of our summer interns (who you probably all remember from last year) and I cooked 70 casseroles.

That means we chopped 40 onions, 75 green peppers, 40 heads of broccoli, grated 20 lbs of cheese, browned 80 lbs of ground beef, cooked 40 lbs of chicken, and much much more.

It was a big task indeed and now my whole body is sore from being on my feet for 2 days. And oh yeah in the midst of it both my fridge and our deep freezer decided to stop, which made it a little challenging.

I am thankful for the work that we got done, and now we are praying that we can make these 70 casseroles stretch to feed all 10 teams all summer!

The Beach

Last weekend we took 40 girls from Armenia to the beach for the day. It was lots of fun and I don't think I have ever swam in the beach that much.

It was a special day to hang out with a few of my favorite girls.

Then we decided to take a quick family vacation to a small beach about a hour away from town.

Lucy loved the water and Ellie loved what she does best and that is getting dirty.

New Teammate, New Friends

So a week ago our new teammate, The Clows, arrived in La Ceiba and we are all thrilled to have them join us. Our team grew from 3 kids to 7, making the kids table a lot more exciting.

Lucy and Ellie love their new playmates, Abby and Rebekah and I love how much I can now get done if these two girls are over at my house to play. Every day Lucy wakes up talking about her new friends and when gets to see them next.

Even the boys are great playmates, here is Josiah willing to have have a little tea party with Lucy. We are so thankful to have these new friends in our lives, on the mission field friends and playmates are hard to come by.

Not to mention that our new teammates are incredible, in less than a week they have found a house, furnished a house, repair one of our AC units, and had many fun play dates with us. Thank you Clows for coming to serve with us!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to our 2 wonderful moms (and grandmothers). Thank you for all your love, encouragement, and support you offer to us. We love you!

Funny story: Lucy's school hosted a mother's day program in which I was invited as a honored guest. When I arrived I thought every mom was a honored guest but I was wrong, there was a special honor table for 5 chosen women. I had no idea why in the world I was sitting at the honored table until the called me up to the front, pinned a corsage on me and took pictures. Come to find out I was chosen Mother of the Year for the 3 year old class. But what you don't know is that Lucy is the only 3 year old that attends that school :)