Road Trip

We have been in Honduras for almost 2 years now and have very little travel experience actually in the country. So this past week we decided to take a road trip to the capital, Tegucigalpa, with some of our friends here in La Ceiba. They lived in Teguc for several years before moving to La Ceiba so it was great to have someone familiar with the city and knew all the great places to go with kids. Not to mention help getting around all of the road blocks due to washed out streets because of flooding or the many teacher strikes that were going on in town- driving was quite an adventure in the big city!

Here are the "crew" of kids, along with a 5 month old baby not pictured. It took us about 9 hours to get there because of so much construction but the kids did great.

We stopped half way to give the kids a break and found a great playground.

Ellie especially enjoyed the much needed break.

On the first day in the city we went to a children's museum.

Ellie clapping for the toys.

Lucy wanted to play dress-up as a unicorn.

We all enjoyed a puppet show put on by Lucy.

And of course we had to cover ourselves up in balls.

Then we had fun driving on of these things around, what's this called Caleb?

Fishing in water, Ellie's favorite exhibit because it involved water and getting somewhat dirty.

Always a good time climbing through the small intestine!

And I think we might have a future here as a doctor, she took great care of all her patients.

I will post more pictures tomorrow of our other adventures in Teguc.

Baby Update

So I realized I haven't blogged much about my pregnancy or anything about baby #3, I guess that is just how it goes when you have 2 other ones keeping you busy. Thankfully everything is going well and the baby looks good and healthy. I am now officially 30 weeks and other than big, uncomfortable, swollen feet, and oh yeah hot and sweaty all the time I have no complaints. Rainy season can not come any sooner to get some relief from the heat here! But I am blessed with this child and thankful for the gift that she is.

Here I am at 30 weeks, nice and big, just how I like to carry all my children apparently :)

I wish I could say I was prepared for this baby but oh how we have a ways to go. I have to laugh and cry when I see these pictures and realize this is our baby nursery right now. I am full in the nesting mode but due to the lack of storage right now there is no where to clean out all of this stuff. Not only that but all my baby clothes are in the States, so really I have nothing prepared for this little girl, all details I need to work out over the next 10 weeks.

Here is another view of her "room". Thankfully I can say we have named this little girl and the despite our lack of physically being prepared we are all ready emotionally and mentally, Lucy can hardly contain herself, almost daily asking when it is her birthday so she knows when the baby will be born.

Also we have officially decided to give birth here in Honduras. Many of you know this is something I struggled with over a long time, not knowing what would be best for me medically and for our family physically. But we found a great hospital and wonderful doctor in San Pedro Sula, which is a larger town about 3 hours away. Although I have always hated the fact that I had to have c-sections with my first two because of medical complications, I am now really thankful for God's providence in that I will have a planned birth and can travel 3 hours away to receive better medical care and attention. Here is a link to the hospital for all the curious grandparents


Here we are just hanging out and doing what girls do best, playing dress up and looking pretty.

Show Time

My girls love to sing and dance so on this particular Saturday morning, they decided to put a show on for us. What a treat! I love the series of the pictures to show all of their expressions.

School Time

Lucy started school again yesterday, same school and same teacher as last year. She even has some of the same classmates, consistency is very good for her and something she doesn't get much of as the life of a MK.

Little sis felt the need to pose with her for her school picture.

Ballet Recital

Last Saturday Lucy had a ballet "recital" at one of the local malls to end her 2 month summer ballet classes. Of course bring a prepared mom I brought my camera, but found out once I was there the battery was dead. It probably was for the better because it was pure chaos! Picture about 50 kids and all their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, none of who were listening to the instructions to sit down. So it ended up being a big circle of loved ones crowding around, pushing and shoving to see their cute little ones dance. Only because of my pregnant belly did I even have a chance of seeing Lucy dance. I was so proud of her though! In general she is very timid and add on top of that all of the chaos around her, I mean I even thought about breaking out in tears a couple of times, but she held it together and did most of all the ballet moves she was supposed to.

Here we are re-enacting all the moves she was supposed to do during the recital and of course as little sister does best, joining in on the fun.