2 years

Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie! Your little personality is coming out more and more each day, and we are realizing how much of a joy you are and just how different you are from your big sis.

You are inquisitive and always very active, you never slow down all day but always on a adventure to learn.

You are a mess, literally you are always dirty and attract it where ever you go.

You are expressive and wear your heart on your sleeve, your face always expresses exactly how you feel.

You are a unique little person and only willing to follow after Big Sister Lucy, otherwise you do your own thing with your own independent spirit.

You are a charmer, you attract people every where you go, and for the most part seem to love the attention.

We love you Nancy Elliot and are thankful for the joy you have brought in our lives these past 2 years!

Lucy's Fancy Fairy Party

We began Lucy's birthday with some yummy Dunkin Donuts.

As you can see we all enjoyed the fun breakfast.

Then Necy came with a suitcase full of fun fairy birthday party. The girls got dressed up and we enjoyed some fun cake and snacks.

One fancy fairy birthday girl

Check out those blue eyes.

Enjoying the loot. Polly Pocket from Cousin Caleb.

Special books from Necy and Dabo.

A computer from mom and dad.

And a new book bag from Gannie and Mac.

Ellie's Dinner Prayer

Every meal, before we pray, Lucy and Ellie must to decide who will go first. Once that's decided, Ellie begins her prayers that can range from 15 seconds to a full minute. She prays for everyone at the table at least once, while usually praying for Mommy and Daddy multiple times. Whenever any of us starts laughing, she usually "shhhh-ishs" us so she can continue. If we're lucky, she'll eventually get around to praying for her drink and every type of food on her plate. We recorded this video the other night, and it ended up being a pretty short and simple prayer...by Ellie standards.


Anna Meets Some Friends

The best part about being back home is having our friends around. The night we got home some good friends and all their kids came over to meet our little Anna. If it's true that it takes a village to raise a child, then Anna's all set, because she's got a great village around her.

Here she is with Mrs. Kathy, who went above and beyond to get our house ready, go shopping, and make sure we were set the moment we walked in the door.

And of course all the Clow kids took turns holding Anna. First Rebekah:



And little Evan. Holding Anna was the calmest I've ever seen him.

Next up was Lucy's friend Susanna. With two younger siblings herself, she is an expert in holding babies.

And lastly Mrs. Kelly and Susanna's little brother Abner Daniel.

Anna loved meeting all her new friends, and Lucy and Ellie sure loved showing her off.

4 Years

In honor of Lucy's 4th birthday, I thought I would try to describe what her little personality is like and the sweet girl she is becoming.

She is strong-willed and very set in her ways, she has her way of doing things and doesn't like it if things change differently.

She is full of joy and loves to make us laugh, always trying to be the center of attention when sitting around the family dinner table, and especially loving it when little sister cracks up at her.

Oh how she is girly, in love with dancing, princesses, and all things pink. She is our little priss.

She is tender hearted, very sensitive to the needs and especially pains of others.

She is our shy little introvert who comes out of her shell only when she is comfortable with you.

We love you Lucy Kathryn and are so thankful for your 4 years of life! Happy Birthday.

Anna Comes Home

Yesterday we checked out of the hospital and made the 3 hour drive home to La Ceiba. Everyone did fine and Anna slept the whole way home.

We were all ready to go early, but we had to hang out in our room for a few more hours. But all was not lost, as we got this great picture of Lins and Anna.

We had a packed van on the way home, so Lucy helped out taking care of Anna.

Arriving home. Already an experienced traveler after 3 days.

Silly McCann Ladies

Anna Day Two

Today has been a good day here in the hospital. Lindsey has been feeling much better and is up moving around. Anna has been sleeping and eating well, and we've all gotten some much needed rest.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Talking on Skype with Aunt KK and cousin Caleb.

Sleeping on Mom, part of a 3 hour nap.

More napping with her frog, Sapo.

Resting with big sister Lucy and chatting with more friends.

More Anna Pictures

Well it's morning here in San Pedro, and we all slept pretty well last night.

We named Anna after her Gannie, Sean's mom, Ann. For her middle name, we've named her after our good friends Jake and Melissa Hunt.

The girls and Necy loved meeting Anna yesterday. Lucy loved holding her and wanted to keep touching her face. Ellie wasn't so sure, but she gave her lots of kisses.

After all the excitement, Ellie needed a little mommy time.

Anna Hunt McCann

Our little girl is finally here. Anna was born at 1:50 PM here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She weighs 9 pounds 10 ounces, and is 20 inches long.

The birth went very well with no complications. The hospital here is definitely on Latino time, so we just all got together in the same room within the last hour or so.

We'll try to post some more pictures soon.

Baby Shower

One of the hardest things about being a missionary I think is not having a church to attend to. We are here in La Ceiba officially as church planters, but that church will not be planted for a few years now due to the amount of time it takes to establish relationships and train leaders. So we decided for the sake of our family we would plug in as much as possible to a local church. We have been blessed by this church in many ways, and although there are many differences, they have accepted us as their own and made us feel very warm and welcome. Yesterday they threw a baby shower for me, it was very humbling thinking of a different culture accepting someone from the outside and loving on them unconditionally, many of the women there I have never even met before they just wanted to be supportive of the missionary.

As you can see my little girls were very excited about being apart of the shower:

Unfortunately when we got there it proved to not be as fun since it was late at night and they were not fed dinner, but we all survived and I am glad they got to be there with me.