Ellie Comes Home

We came home from the hospital tonight, and here are some pictures of Lucy playing with Ellie. She has really loved her so far, wanted to hold her and pet/rub/soothe her.

In this last one she is giving Ellie a great big hug. We are so glad Lucy has adjusted well so far.

Pictures from the first 12 hours

We had a good night last night after all the excitement died down. Turns out Ellie is a phenomenal sleeper so far. She slept almost all night, we had to wake her up to feed her at 4, but she slept a ton.

Here she is in Gannie's blanket.

After the c-section, Lindsey had to go to recovery for over an hour, and we couldn't go and see her. So Ellie and I sat together for a while, she was happy, but she needed her mom to start eating.

Here she is finally in her mommy's arms.

This morning, after a bath, Ellie promptly went back to sleep. She's been sleeping for a while now, after a short snack.

Lindsey is doing great. She has already walked, taken a shower, drank lots of juice, and now she is napping as well. She was awesome though the whole night, and she is doing great now.

Here's one final shot of Ellie. You'll notice her stylin' 'Hospital Clinica Biblica' outfit.

Lucy is coming to the hospital in a few hours to meet Ellie, so we'll post pictures of that soon.

Nancy Elliot McCann

Welcome to the world, Ellie McCann!!

Tonight at 8:51 we welcomed our little girl to the world here in San Jose, Costa Rica. She and her mother are doing great, they are both extremely beautiful, and at this moment very content. She has eaten (a great first eating) and now is sleeping on Lindsey, finally getting some rest.

She weighs 3.58 kilos (7.8) pounds. She is named after Lindsey's mom (Nancy) and Sean's sister (Nancy). Her middle name, Elliot, comes from the missionary family Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. Their story has been very influential on our lives, and we hope it will have the same influence on Ellie's. As you can tell already, we are not going to call her Nancy or Elliot, but rather Ellie. We love the short form of the name, and have enjoyed saying it so much already.

That's all for now, but we'll keep updating tomorrow, so keep checking back. Thank you all for your love, thoughts, and prayers.



Sean, Lindsey, Lucy, and Ellie.

We're On Our Way

Just to update you and let you know we are on our way to the hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica. We have a scheduled c-section tonight at 8 our time, 10 EST. Please be in prayer for us and the birth and delivery of our little girl. We will post news and pictures as soon as possible. Thank you all!!

Lucy Birthday Parties

Here is a video that sums up all of Lucy's birthday celebrations this weekend.

Happy Birthday Lucy Part 1

We celebrated Lucy's birthday at school on Friday with all of her friends there. She has 10 other kids in her class and some of them we met for the first time yesterday. Her teacher made this sign for her at school and you can see on the wall Lucy's hand prints are to the left of the sign. She has been really blessed to have great teachers while we have been in language school!

Cupcake time with all 11 kids at the same time, craziness!

After the festivities Lucy wanted to show us all her favorite toys at school. You can see her shirt in this picture with a Big #2 on it. This is another one of Aunt KK's fabulous creations.

Here she is showing daddy the balloons they had at school for her. The other girl in the picture is Eve, one of Lucy's favorite friends during the past 6 months.

We thought this picture of Cailyn was too cute not to post. Lucy always talks about Kaylan and when we put her hair in pigtails or she wears bows she always says she looks "pretty like Cailyn"

Preparing for Lucy's 2nd Birthday

Lucy loves to cook and to help in the kitchen so we thought it would be fun to make her birthday cupcakes with her tonight. We will bring the cupcakes to school tomorrow and share them with all of her friends there. Then we are having a small party on Saturday with some of her closer friends here.

Life the Second Time Around..

Well it appears that our two girls will be at least 2 years apart. It is funny to think about where we were 2 years ago as we anticipated the arrival of Lucy and how we are here again. So here is a picture of me the night before Lucy was born in '06.

And here is a picture of me this evening. Unfortunately I don't think this is the night before Tica will arrive. I went to the doctor yesterday and although I have had quite a few contractions it seems like little Tica is going to take her time until she enters this world.

Still waiting...

We apologize for the lack of posting lately but honestly not much has been happening in our lives. We are just waiting around ready to have a baby. These pictures are from us last night as we were getting ready for bed and praying for little baby sister. As you can tell Lucy is very anxious for her to arrive and is already showing signs of being a great and loving big sister.

Andy, Josh and Jamie

We have 3 interns here with us in Costa Rica for the month of October as they attend a intensive Spanish course to prepare to head to Honduras to serve with us there until May '09. Lucy is absolutely in love with these guys and nothing is more exciting to her than the days they come over to our house to play with her. It is so fun for her because she gets so much attention and because they love to interact with her, play with her, and read her books.

Every Sunday we have our own team worship time during the evenings. This has been a blessing for Sean and I as we have not been able to do this since the Pettengills left in June. Josh and Andy are both very gifted guitarist and singers and Jamie and I try our best to hold down the girls section. This past Sunday Lucy enjoyed singing with the group as well.

Lastly here is a picture where I feel like Lucy is growing up to be a teenager herself. She seems so grown up and mature in this picture, minus the water that is spilt all down her shirt :)

The Life of a Missionary Kid

Well as you can imagine the hardest thing about being a missionary is all the goodbyes that have to take place. Lucy had to say goodbye to her best friend here in Costa Rica. Our dear friends the Rileys' are returning back to the States due to their low support status. It was hard to say goodbye and I think this is one of the first goodbyes that Lucy was able to really understand, which made it harder for us all.

Lucy's teacher at school says that Will is Lucy's little boyfriend. He takes care of her and loves to hug and kiss on her.

We know that Lucy will make some more friends during our time left here in Costa Rica but please pray for her during this tough transition.

I (Lindsey) also feel like I am loosing 3 friends in one since she was my "pregnant friend", my "mom friend", and "Lucy's best friend", but we are excited for the Riley's has they head back home and are able to focus more clearly on their support to get on the field in Spain as soon as possible.

Saturday Pancakes

Some of you may have heard (or have tasted yourselves) of our Saturday morning tradition. We love pancakes, so every Saturday we sleep in (well one of the three of us sleeps in) make pancakes, and eat too much in our PJ's. We love this time together as a family and is always a great start to our weekend. We made pancakes when we lived in NYC, during our time in Charlotte, and now here in San Jose. This weekend we had Andy, Josh, and Jamie over, so we made quite a lot of pancakes.

Here is Lucy, Josh, Andy, and Sean about to dig into a massive pile of pancakes. Lucy looks a bit overwhelmed by the mountain of pancakes in front of her, but we made some little ones just for her, so she was quite happy.

Here's Lucy and Sean cooking in the kitchen. Lucy loves to sit on the counter when we cook and stir whatever mix/batter we have going. Sometimes she actually helps, but other times the food just ends up on the floor.

La te de canastilla (that is Baby Shower in Spanish)

This weekend some special friends here threw Tica her very own baby shower. Now Tica has some of her very own stuff and won't have to just wear hand me downs from Lucy. It is neat to see the relationships the Lord has placed in our life during this short time in language school, we are so thankful for this community that we have here even if it is for a short time. By the way many people have been saying I look like I have dropped this week, you can tell from this picture that it does look like Tica is taking position.

It was so fun to be able to celebrate with one of my close friends here who is also pregnant and due at the beginning of December.

One of the woman that came was very creative with the way she wrapped her gift so had to take a picture.

The food spread was delicious and bountiful! They even had some special treats that can only be found in the States so it was extra special to enjoy.

This is a picture of Ana, one of my teachers in language school.

Not sure what I am talking about in this picture but I look pretty excited about it!

We played many fun games at the shower this one was a race between me and Daniela seeing who could dress the baby first using only one hand. She dominated me in the game but it was still a lot of fun to play.

Happy Birthday Necy

This video is in honor of Necy today on her birthday. Sorry that Lucy is eating during the whole video but meal times are about the only time we can keep her attention these days. We love you Necy and wish we could be there to celebrate with you.