Pony Tail

For those of you who have known Lucy since birth know she has never had very much hair. In fact she has only ever had one haircut in her life and that was when she was 16 months old. So the fact that yesterday I could actually pull all her hair back at once is absolutely amazing! I was so excited. She seemed to enjoy the change too, noticing that it kept her cooler throughout the day. So hopefully we are entering the stage of hair bows, pig tails, and all things girly :)

6 Months Old

Today Ellie is a half a year old, crazy how time flies! She continues to be my laid back happy child. Some of her favorite things include: rolling over (you put her on the ground and she immediately starts flipping), giggling, eating (as you can tell she is quite big, she is probably going to out grow Lucy soon), and of course her sister! She has started solids and seems to really enjoy eating with us as a family. The extra food and calories has seemed to really help with her sleeping now too as she has begun to take some really long naps for us.

Her blue eyes and rolls of fat continue to make people stop and stare at her, she seems to be a gringo fanomina here in Honduras.

Daddy and now Lucy calls her "chunk-a-dunk". What a great nickname for her don't you just want to squeeze her so tight.

Two and a Half

My little/big girl is growing up so fast. As a 2 1/2 year old her vocabulary is increasing every day, it is fascinating the things she says. Some of her favorite words to use in a sentence are: "actually," "maybe," "just," "so"...I guess these descriptive words are how we talk.

We are also in full swing of the battle of the will. It is tiring some days to stay on top of discipline, and the hardest one I struggle with is wining and complaining, but every day I can see new progress of how her heart is being molded and conformed more like Christ. Just the other day she was talking to Ellie about going to a friends house and she said "Ellie there will be no wining when we get there".

She has full embraced her role as a big sister and loves making Ellie laugh, especially during meal times. She is such a encourager to Ellie, getting her to roll over, eat her food, or stop crying.

We are learning more about her personality and it appears that she is a homebody like her parents. She enjoys exploring and trying new things, but only on her terms. She also has a very compassionate heart.

So in honor of Lucy today I thought I would show you all of her little friends here in Honduras.


Susanna (who Lucy calls Suzu)

Noah and Lucas


Those not pictured include: Madison, and Jude- who you might remember from this post and who is coming back in 2 weeks!

We love you Lu!

Happy Birthday C-man!

Caleb what a joy and adventure it has been to watch you grow over the past 3 years. We send you lots of love this birthday and pray that God would continue to grow and mature you into a boy who loves Him and serves Him all the days of your life.

To our favorite cousin ever!
Hugs and Kisses,
Lucy and Ellie

Why Life is Fun with 2

I love my 2 little girls! Although it is a challenge and exhausting most days, it is such a joy to watch these girls grow up and become sisters and friends.

My 27th Birthday

I had a wonderful Honduran style birthday yesterday. Thanks to everyone for all the sweet notes and emails and thank you to my sweet husband for making this a extra special day filled with surprises.

The first surprise you see here is a pinata. Everyone in Latin America has to have a pinata to celebrate their birthday with.

The aftermath.

Another great surprise was this wonderful American cheescake which Christina found for me. As you might know cheesecake is my favorite desert and it was so special to be able to enjoy this delicacy for my birthday.

Because this birthday is Honduran style the kids enjoyed their desert in the pool, you know to cool off a little.

The kids enjoyed coloring on a curtain I had just made with Christina for our playroom. The markers they are using are fabric markers...hence why the little guys have their shirts off.

My sweet goofy husband.

On my birthday day we went to a nearby pool where you can buy lunch and swim for free. It was so nice and refreshing to have this cool oasis and some set aside family time.

A full day of activity for us all.

This is for you Gannie and Mac

A quick update on March Maddness, though it was on here, we could hardly stomach to watch the final. Not even living out of the country for two years can drive us to cheer for that hated state school from our own state.

No small championship and crying coach can change the loyalties of our girls. And since they will always be outfitted well by their loving Gannie, their blood will always run true blue.


Easter Week

Thursday evening we had The Intern over for a little egg decorating fun.

I am not sure who is enjoying the decorating the most in this picture.

On Friday we got together with all our friends here in Bible Study for a little egg hunt. We first began by decorating all the eggs and this time Lucy was a pro.

All the beautiful eggs decorated and ready to be hid.

Decorating eggs is hard work its time for a little juice box break.

We received a care package in the mail from Necy last week and in it contained candy eggs. All week we have been hiding and finding eggs all around the house so Lucy was thrilled to actually be on a real egg hunt with her friends.

Pure bliss.

All the kids enjoyed listening to the Bible Study told through the resurrection eggs.

This is our Easter mountain that we made this year to celebrate and explain Easter to Lucy. It was so much fun this year to share with Lucy the Easter story and see her beginning to understand the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus.

"Jesus is Alive!"!