We were able to spend all of Easter week with my family and it was a great week! I have about 300 pictures from the week but I will try to narrow them down to give you a summary of the week.

The girls spent lots of time riding around with Necy on the golf cart admiring all the flowers and helping out around the house to get ready for the big Easter Egg hunt.

We were able to celebrate my 29th B-day while we were there.

The girls loved their "Necy visors"!

Necy and Dabo's house rocks!

We discovered some great playgrounds.

Celebrated Caleb's 5th Birthday transformer style.

Bonded with our best cousin.

Here's the whole clan 5 and under, it was a blast!

All dressed up in our Easter best, minus Ellie who was sick all morning and therefore could not go to church.

Grace Anne

I finally got to meet my sweet little niece over Easter and I am in LOVE. She is the tinniest little thing, I always forget how small babies are when they are first born, plus she still weighs less than my little Anna ever did.

Isn't she precious?!

6 months

Today my little girl turns 6 months old, along with her cousin celebrating his 5th birthday (but more on that later). Anna has seemed to grow up so much in the past month. At the doctor she weighed 14.5 lbs in the 30% and her height was in the 70% percentile, so she is long and lean loosing a lot of weight since birth but that is probably due to pneumonia she had back in February.

We finally started her on rice cereal, not wanting to start it before we traveled, and that girl loves to eat.

She also loves to eat her hands making meal times a messy occasion, maybe even messier than her older sister Ellie which says a lot! Here she is enjoying some prunes, something she eats a lot of, because her stomach is still a little underdeveloped causing some digestion problems.

She is still learning how to sit up on her own. I think she is a little cautious of the fact that at any moment one of her older sisters will come and knock her down, a legitimate concern for us all.

So instead of sitting she has decided to go ahead and crawl. She isn't really crawling yet but as you can see she is up on all 4's rocking and she is able to army crawl to get a toy.

Here the girls are doing some early morning calisthenics. Seriously have you ever seen a baby do pushups?! Our little girl is so strong and determined.

And every now and then she does crash and take a good nap but sleep training is what is on schedule for month #7 :)

We love you little Anna girl and are thankful for your last 6 months, you bring so much joy to our lives!

Cute Pics and a few random thoughts

I am loving the Spring weather! Its nice to actually experience seasons again, the flowers are gorgeous, the weather is crisp and cool in the mornings and evenings, and the sun is delightful in the afternoon. Even better the pollen doesn't seem to be bothering any of my family.

My baby girl seems to be growing up and changing so much the past few weeks, but I will post more on that soon.

We have had a few play dates this last week which has brought Lucy to new spirits. I think she misses talking in Spanish though so sometimes we just pretend like we still have to talk Spanish just for fun.

We are now staying with some friends from church and they have this awesome swing outside which the girls love. They also have a 13 year old daughter which my children are obsessed with.

We are under contract with a house. We had the inspection yesterday and nothing major came up so the closing date will stay as May 16.

We are excited to go today to see my family for a week. Easter is a big event in the Wall household so we are really looking forward to being apart of it this year. Not to mention that I get to meet my sweet niece. It should be a very exciting week with 5 grandkids under 5.

I warned you that the thoughts would be random didn't I?!

Random Thoughts of moving to the US

Well I know I should blog because the longer that I don't the harder it gets, but I honestly don't know what to say. We have been in the States for over a week now and have gotten lots accomplished including buying a van, getting cell phones, and house hunting. I am in love with my van, seriously after driving a 12 passenger diesel van this thing glides across the road with ease and makes getting the kids in and out supper easy. We think we will be ready tomorrow to make an offer on a house and then hopefully it will be a quick closing so that we can get moved in soon.

I have to confess I am anxious to get this transitional period over with and just get settled, but I don't want to miss out on processing all that the Lord did in and through me in our time in Honduras. I can already see how easy it is to get caught up in the busyness of the American life, and just get caught up in my own little world.

The girls are doing well although they seem very emotional, understandably so. Lucy is very lonely and has broken down several times because she misses her friends in Honduras. Ellie of course can't process what she is feeling but is very clingy to me right now. And well, Anna is just a long for the ride :)

We have had some great time with Sean's parents and I have to say I am loving the benefits of grandparents near by. We are looking forward to time with my parents and finally being able to meet my new niece next week.

I think for the most part we are in survival mode right now, just making it through each day and all the important decisions that each day holds, but I think that is okay for now. Lord willing after we make an offer on a house and it is accepted we can rest for a little bit and enjoy some family time.

We had a wonderful day worshipping with our church and really look forward to ministering there soon. It was great to reconnect with so many people and also meet so many new faces. When we asked Lucy about the church she said she really liked it because they had a play ground and food (it was a covered dish Sunday). I think she went through a little culture shock though during communion since we have not been able to take communion almost our entire time on the field.

I think that is enough rambling for one post. I will post some fun pictures soon I promise!